Come Into My Trading Room

Come Into My Trading Room

Good book

I'm waiting until I have a bit more time and I can do more than simply pick at this book. It seems to have quite a lot of useful stuff in it especially for a novice like myself.

As for other content and writing style, at least half the book is padded out with pop-psychology and Elder's grievous addiction to analogy and metaphor. His writing style sucks - maybe it's the psychiatrist in him trying to motivate people, but it passed this reader by.

Still, glad I bought it.
sound basics

Dr Elder is a psychologist so he brings a different twist to trading. He talks a lot about the psyche of trading which as you develop you realise is the key.

This is the first of his books and if you REREAD it you will find all sorts of hidden gems in it.
Good Book!

This book is written in such an elegant way that everyone could read it, from newbie that just started to the active trader that is already making a buck, he explain about what he think is the 3 m's, which is mind money and method, mind stands for psychology of a trader, and a crowd , money stands for money management, that we all know is essential if you want to survive as a trader(or make money), and method is the analysis, he says one cannot trade without them all combined, if you take one away you lose.

I liked the book, great writing by dr. alexander elder.
Interesting look at one persons style of trading.

This is a good book on trading and very easy to read.

Covers psycology of trading well and gives a
good overview of trading stocks/futures options.

Section on money management was a bit rigid, Elder recommends you risk no more than 6% a month. Why only 6%? Not 10 or some other figure.

The systems described are his own and use
MACD and his own Force index/Triple Screen. Although worth reading my not be any use to you if these dont match your style of trading.

Interesting look at one persons style and thats all it claims to be.

Above averagely priced too.

An easy and a great read. A well written, clear and to the point book. Each chapter builds on what you have learnt from the last chapter in a step-by-step process. A must for all types of traders out there.

In addition, there is a great section on how you should organise your work station if you are trading at home.