Avoid like the plague

Well, where to start. I've probably been the most active continuous member over the past 5 years at BabyPips and it is fair to say this site will only make you dumber by being there.

It is truly a site where the blind lead the blind. Indeed the most prolific poster has never made a single cent trading yet is praised by all there as an excellant mentor. It is full of scammers, advertisers, robots and noobs. Don't get me wrong but. There are some genuine folks there, but they are few and far between. Even then, they are alienated, censored and driven away by an over zealous moderation team that claim to be something they are not.

What they are not are traders. Babypips is the brainchild of two information and marketing students. They care not whether you become "successful" in your journey. The site is just an excerise in internet marketing. They care about their brand and their brand only.

In the 5+ years I was there not one piece of useable information was ever deciminated my way. My success came of my own work, and by success I mean I no longer lose money.

If you can't learn to trade by your own means then trading is not for you. There are plenty of forums out there for those that need to interact on a social level. Just avoid BabyPips because as their name suggests, they are just babies.

too well this site and especially the forum is a means to learn trading with Experienced traders.
Great for beginners

I found babypips great for learning the basits of trading forex. I have only used the school of pipsology area of the website but it is very good and I refer to it regularly.
Avoid like the plague.

Absolutely dreadful forum. Don't go near it unless you enjoy reading hook threads where scammers set up their traps to catch morons. The site allows the scammers extraordinary tools to protect themselves on their own scam threads, and then swiftly shuts down other threads that attempt to warn people of what the scum are up to.

It is shockingly bad.
Good site

This is a very good site mostly for begginners, The forum is really instructive and they provide a lot of useful materials.
Can't take them seriously

Sometimes they miss very important events on the calendar.
Easily 10/10

Easily the best beginner site out there. Presents all the "boring" stuff in a light-hearted humourous and entertaining manner. Definitely 10/10.
Info site!

This is a great site to get updated information and to learn how to trade!
Useful tools
easy to navegate
a place to ask and get answers.
Baby Pips is a great Newbie Site

I cant believe its not been on the list before..........I always direct any of my members here to learn the basics - saves me trying to teach the damn stuff....!


I notice things may be changing of late regarding advertising and Scamming? ....perhaps my naive optimism is now obsolete
and I downgrade all newbies take everythign with a pinch of salt in thsi world !