Ashraf Laidi

Ashraf Laidi

good approach

Met Ashraf at the London Expo in March 12.....very charismatic and was not afraid to argue his points strongly...i'm a big correlation fan anyway so hes certainly worth a look for anyone interested in Correlation and intermarket analysis....can get very involved though and you know the golden Axiom of trading...keep it simple

I dont use the site so will score an 8 as I agree with a lot of his philosophies
Good fundamental analysis, poor day to day trading.

Good fundamental analysis, poor day to day trading.

He has a website publishing live trades but they are at best 50:50 as he seems to issue trades base don a bias direction and then the likely range for the day regardless of waiting for SR levels.

If you were to take his long term trades based on your own analysis then you might be ok.
Interesting mix of Fundamental and Technical analysis

I've feen following Ashraf probably for a bit over 18 months now, have his book, and have watched some of his webinars (some free, some paid for).

He puts a lot of free information on his site and there is a regular report on YouTube.

His "thing" is intermarket analysis, trying to get a grip of the links between FX, the stock market and the major commodities.

There is also a forum on the site (not as well moderated as T2W because it seems to be a one-man-show, but occasionally useful).

He also respects and uses TA. Getting the balance right between the TA and the "Fundamentals" is the tricky thing. (I put it in quotes because it's more like medium-term "sentiment" than longer-term "Fundamentals" that he looks at most of the time.

He doesn't tell you how to trade; he makes an analysis of the market and leaves you to decide how to play it. Which is not to say he doesn't make calls, but what you do with them is entirely your responsibility (as it should be).

Sometimes his calls are spectacularly right; occasionally the opposite! So you (obviously) have to be careful. But it's not (shouldn't be) about calls.

Of the sites that I am aware of, the nearest equivalent I would have said until recently would have been Kris Matthews, "The Gestaltshift" site and a later spin off, but KM has now withdrawn from FX education, so don't bother looking for it now. So as far as I know, Ashraf, is the only one out there doing this sort of thing, at least (largely) for free.
Good fundamental analysis

Nice guy, I met him few times. Good fundamental analysis.

PS I should think his name is Ashraf Laidi, not Laiki