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    Would you give it a shot?

    great thread :) its a very interesting read
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    What if new indicator works well on binary options? (i.e. on Dukascopy)

    very interesting thread. I shall follow with great interest
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    Newbie From Canada

    hi and welcome :) im new to! hope you get some answers soon
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    Hi I'm a new member

    hi and welcome :)
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    Best company to start

    thats a good question for the op to ask. Im new also to the world of trading and do worry about which broker I should chose etc. I did try and get some advice on facebook, but got nothing but links thrown at me lol. wary of things like that!!
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    New Member Lal from Singapore

    hi and welcome to the forum :)
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    Starting and in need of help

    Im new also, so will follow this thread with interest :)
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    Looking for a broker that trade BTCUSD in weekend and accept bitcoin for deposit

    interesting thread. I will be following this one!
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    Bitcoin future?

    I would also like to know any good sites to invest in bitcoin.
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    Your favorite trading pairs!!!

    cool thread. Im a newbie so this is really helpful :)
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    When is the best time to trade for beginners?

    cool. great advice! thanks for sharing
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    forexbrokerz & theforexreview review SCAM? GOOD?

    Great post thanks! always good to know who we should stay away from :)
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    Can anyone recomend a good trading course?

    Interesting thread. Im new to trading and there is some good advice here :)
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    How long should I demo before going live?

    hi guys, Im a newbie to trading and was just wondering how long should I stay in demo before going live? Just wanting to get ideas from more experienced traders thanks!
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    Trade or Invest in Bitcoin?

    interesting thread :)