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    The Indicator Guys / Zen Indicators

    No worries, I have a credit check website for business so I can find him no problem. I wanted to resolve this amicably bit is seems that is not the way that he wants to work.
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    The Indicator Guys / Zen Indicators

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    Harvey Walsh- Daytradingfreedom

    I am not sure that Harvey Walsh is the same person as Henry but Henry certainly seems to be an on-line business man preying on vulnerable people. I am not sure that he is doing anything illegal but not the way that I would like to do business. Well done for putting the pieces together.
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    Best Thread US day traders thread.

    Hi Mr Charts, excellent trade. Was SFCC one of your news stocks or do you have another method for scanning during the day? Thanks, T.
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    Best Thread US day traders thread.

    Hi, I don't normally post on BB's as there are plenty of more experienced people to answer questions but just wanted to respond to let you know that there are other students around. I am not currently trading due to work commitments and want to dedicate myself to trading full time to give...
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    ALERT! DONT open the "You must read it immediately !!!"

    Hi Rezo, If you have virus scanning software, please run it to find out what the variant is, you should then be able to go to and download a tool to remove it. Regards