Second income trader

Looking to make a second income from Trading currencies via spreadbetting, having spent 4 years serving my apprenticeship! I'm now at the stage where I'm trying to maintain some consistency, before scaling up.

My focus now is on intra-day trading, using 1H, 15m and 5m timeframes. I trade Forex primarily though I'll also scan UK and US stocks. My method is based on Support/Resistance, candlesticks and patterns.

I'm now looking to spend more time on my trading and keen to build a network of traders with similar approaches and goals, so feel free to make contact!
Real Name
United Kingdom
Trading Style
Swing/Position Trader
List of Markets Traded
What method do you use to Trade?
spread betting
Trading Experience
3-5 Years
Trading Work Status
Preferred Trading Style
Day Trader
Preferred Trading Methodology
Candlesticks, Chart Patterns, Price Action
Preferred Markets
Currencies, Stocks
Preferred Trading Instruments
Spot Forex
Preferred Spreadbetting Brokers
IG Index
Favorite Trading Books
Market Wizards - Interviews with Top Traders
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Currency Trading for Dummies
Technical Analysis for Dummies
Favorite Trading Tip
Don't let a profit turn into a loss.


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