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    Data Sources

    Hi guys, So I can get hourly or OHLC daily data quite easily for Forex symbols, particularly the majors However, I have some requirements that are not satisfied - and I am willing to pay to get a good source If anyone knows of such sources that meet some or all of the following requirements...
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    Trading with Fibonacci retracement

    I like your take on this I think the "my way is right and your way is wrong" paradigm can force people into having conversations that aren't as constructive as they could be
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    Any traders in Newcastle?

    Hello there, I posed earlier and have received a message but figured a bump might help get some awareness. I am looking to seriously get something off the ground (at least in the capacity of a chat) so please PM me if you are interested.
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    Trading with Fibonacci retracement

    Well I respect your point of view and your point about tides is completely valid. For me evaluating something within a scientific framework gives a good base. Using this for questions that don't have a proof surely is useful? i.e. is there one true answer to whether the market is efficient? By...
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    Trading with Fibonacci retracement

    To be clear the intention of my post was to highlight the possibilities of fib, but not how effective it is. I made this clear by stating one would identify it's validity as a tool by back-testing. Lack of positive back-testing however does not mean there is no element of fib numbers and ratios...
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    Trading with Fibonacci retracement

    Fib numbers and pattern do occur in nature so it's a fair assumption to say it is possible the markets do somewhat reflect fib ratios with the market being the consequence of people. I'm sure you could backtest and determine i.e. what percentage of 61.8% pullbacks made a new high - then you...
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    Should I buy BREXIT?

    Hi all, I am contemplating Brexit and the trading opportunities it might bring. I am anticipating opportunities based on the bias that the price move might reflect the below: 1) The price move will be very large because the event is of high importance 2) The price move might start a...
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    Newcastle upon Tyne / North-East traders

    Hi there, Anyone Newcastle upon Tyne / North-East traders? The other threads related to this died around 2009... Would love to meet up and chat with fellow traders Thanks S
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    trading group newcastle

    Hi there, I am a new trader learning the basic and coding up tools for elaborate MT4 testing I would love to meet some other traders! Anyone still around? I live in Lemington
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    Any traders in Newcastle?

    Hi there, I'm a new trader in Newcastle, love to meet up with people Anyone still about? S