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    Do you trade different strategies in the same account?

    I like to trade with price action. sometime i used to take aggressive entry, normally i like to trade according to the trend direction.
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    Top 5 Skills of The Successful Forex Traders

    To become successful trader, you need to have some quality skill. (1) You should have love for trading on Forex. (2) Simplicity (3) Strong mindset- should have Mental and Emotional Toughness. (4) Disciplined on trading (5) Egoless
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    Can I trade mostly based on technical analysis?

    Major movement of forex trading is based on fundamental news. But between big news, market follows technical analysis. So most of the time, we need to analysis in technical basis. So we should give preference to trade with technical analysis. It work well. I like to trade with technical...
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    Why do people want to trade Forex?

    Forex is a profitable source for making money. We can earn from forex easily. If we can apply our trading skill, then we can make double of our balance, so we can make profit easily with our experience.
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    Should I trade long term or short term in the forex market?

    Long term trading is best for forex traders. You need patience for trading for long term. In long term, you can gain more with one trade. For short term, you need to monitor your trade regularly. But long term traders don't need regular monitor and it can be less risk for traders
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    Can anyone recommend a strategy?

    Price action can be good strategy for you. This price action can give you good signal. With the candle, you can generate signals anytime. Its success rate is also high. So you can follow this as your trading strategy