Rhody Trader

Author of The Essentials of Trading (Wiley 2006)
Author of Trading FAQs (Trade2Win 2011, 2013)

coaching volleyball, writing
Real Name
John Forman, PhD
Analyst, Trader, Author, Educator
United States
List of Markets Traded
A bit of everything
Vendor (Optional)
Training literature vendor (e.g courses / spreadbetting guides / eBooks)
Trading Experience
More than 5 Years
Trading Work Status
Preferred Trading Style
  1. Swing Trader
  2. Position Trader
Preferred Trading Methodology
  1. Break Outs
  2. Candlesticks
  3. Chart Patterns
  4. Divergence
  5. Fundamentals
  6. Market Profile
  7. Momentum
  8. Price Action
  9. Retracements
  10. Seasonal
  11. Technical Analysis
  12. Trend
  13. Volume
Preferred Market Regions
  1. US
Preferred Markets
  1. Currencies
  2. Indices
  3. Stocks
  4. Interest Rates
Preferred Trading Instruments
  1. Equities (Owned Stock)
  2. Spot Forex
  3. Futures
  4. Options
Preferred Forex Currencies
  1. USD
  2. CAD
  3. GBP
  4. EUR
  5. CHF
  6. JPY
  7. AUD
Preferred Trading Software (A-O)
  1. MetaStock
Preferred Trading Software (P-Z)
  1. SierraChart
Favorite Trading Books
The Essentials of Trading (of course!)
Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards
The Psychology of Trading and Enhancing Trader Performance
Markets in Profile and Mind Over Markets


John Forman, PhD
Author - Trading FAQs, The Essentials of Trading



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