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    Is it normal to wait 14 days for a withdraw ?

    Have you actually traded with the real 4xPremium, or have you traded with the unregulated, scam and fraudulent 4xPremium?
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    Questions to ask broker to determine if they are ECN?

    As a retail trader the only real ECN access you really have is to trade FX futures. Everything else is just a lie.
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    Help me identify my broker please.

    When you login it should tell in the server box:
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    Just sitting on the bid/offer waiting to get filled.
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    At OSTC you'll be making markets in STIRS and oils. When I say making markets I mean sitting on the bid/offer of a box/buttery/condor spread waiting to get filled and then unwinding for a profit. They pay a salary which is good but take a huge chunk of your P/L.
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    Chartology scale question

    Could you please provide an example, I'm struggling to understand what you mean by 'blown up'?
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    Ventures That Are Similar To Trading

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    ADS Securities UK

    Not worth the risk and you're probably indirectly funding ISIS/Al-Qaeda
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    IronFX are firing their employees

    LCG/Capital Spreads have been firing people on mass too?
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    CWM FX - I Told You So !

    Yeah it's a shame the mods took down your original post, it cold have saved a lot of people some money. I heard the mods/sharky go a letter from CWM's 'layers' and pissed their pants.
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    stuck in the 90%!

    What are your stats? Win/Loss % Avg Winner Avg Loser I bet you have a high win %, but very small winners and massive losers. This is the major reason why the 90% are the 90%.
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    What are your questions about trader performance?

    The truth is, despite all the guru advice you see on the internet about risk/reward, most traders are taking 10pip winners and "running" their losers to 50 pips. Most traders are incapable of trading with a low percentage trading system i.e less than 50%. The Human need "to be right" is the...
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    What are your questions about trader performance?

    Even though every one knows the old adage "run your winners, cut your losers", friends who work at spread betting firms tell me that the majority of traders actually do the opposite, and this is the major reason why the majority of traders do lose money?
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    Alpari discussion and help thread

    If/When you guys get your money back, which broker are you guys going to use? Seems like absolutely everyone big or small is susceptible to going bust?
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    Cmc markets vs df markets

    Who are DF markets, never heard of them, are they new?