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    Is OANDA right broker for me to start with?

    Which Option? Hi Everyone, Being relatively new to trading, I would just like to know who has been successful with Capital Option? :D
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    Article Top Reasons Forex Traders Fail

    Informative Fantastic advice given in this article. I now have a deeper insight in many areas that were "misty" to me and will put the good advice towards devising a strategic approach towards my trading goals. Much appreciated Profitatlast
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    Article Inside the Successful Trader

    Intelligent Advice Thank you for the comments above. Not only have you made me aware of many important factors to consider before entering the traders market, but you have interpreted it beautifully. I feel I have so much to learn and from what I have read above I realise that I am not nearly...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, my username is Profitatlast, which i hope is going to be the case once i get my head around all the trading info and get started. I have traded in a small way before (forex) and enjoyed it but never took it serious. This time round I am first going to learn for 2 months and have a plan...