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    forex trading is so hard...

    What a strange name of the topic. To be honest, I wouldn't say that trading on forex is an easy thing...) You need a lot of knowledge, experience and patience here. And it's not within everyone's scope of abilities.
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    How Can I Earn Money From Home?

    Roulettes, cazinos and others are just a money grab. I think it's better to trade in forex and try to predict the price trend using different tools, than play the roulette and hope for luck.
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    What do you tell people you "do"?

    I usually tell the truth, I mean that I trade in forex. Some people are sceptical about it, others don't care at all, but most people are interested and ask me about trade and how much it is possible to make here.
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    when should i get out of the market ??

    It's very difficult to find the market exit point, you need to fight not only with the market situation, but also with your own greed. In this case it's better to follow your strategy.
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    Binary trade discussion.

    Of course not, you verify your personality once and that's it. I think it's necessary for the safety purposes, for example, if someone steals your account, you can get it back.
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    Essentials Of Trading Psychology

    those who think that psychology is not important for trading don't stay in forex for long. Psychology is important at least because it helps to make well-considered decisions.
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    Best Threads In The 'Psychology, Risk & Money Management' Forum

    Well, you know, stubborness is also an essential characteristics for working in forex. I'd say persistence is a more suitable word than stubborness, as sometimes people want to give up everything. And it's then when persistence does help.
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    Toyz for the Boyz

    Oh... I don’t know, you have quite expensive toys... I would be the very happy if I had a PS4 and a couple of dozen games to it, but unfortunately I cannot cough up money for a toy like this= (
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    Brexit and the Consequences

    Another drop in the British national currency was the result of uncertainty about Brexit.
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    What are you listening to now?

    At the moment I don't listen to anything, because I try to concentrate on trade, and in my free time I listen to different music, I'm a music lover anyway =)
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    About the price of good imported from China

    It all depends on the quality of goods, the higher the quality, the higher the price. In terms of prices being too high, maybe you're just setting the margin too high?
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    Brexit and the Consequences

    In my view from Britain leaving the European union I believe the latter has suffered more, since other countries may also follow the example of England.
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    Binary trade discussion.

    Maybe you're right. I just wanted to make my life easier but this is not the case I guess=)
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    Binary trade discussion.

    By the way, about the market and its analysis, you don't happen to know of some kind of cool service where you can buy trading signals, do you?
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    Classic British Comedy

    In my view all the films with Rowen Atkins can be considered a classic=)