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    Dark pool

    As far as I know, the only way a retail trader can use a dark pool is by becoming a private banking client and ask the bank to route your order via their trading desk to a dark pool. But if you're a small trader, why would you want to use a dark pool?
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    Panic! - Fulltime trading journal

    I planned for 2%/month in the first three months, so it's working out fine. If I decide to continue, I'll aim for 3%/month in the next three months. Largest drawdown so far was 4.20%, while theoretically I'm fine with drawdowns a lot larger. Plenty of room to scale. My main worry is becoming...
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    Panic! - Fulltime trading journal

    Yes, I didn't really see the point in keeping a journal here anymore. Still trading fulltime though. Up a little over 5% since the start of march. Will evaluate at the end of this month, to see if I want to keep doing this or go back to work.
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    I need a MT4 programmer :)

    Check your inbox.
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    Can't trade ETFs outside of USA???

    Plenty of ETFs listed in Ireland or Luxembourg, I know blackrock/ishares has a ton.
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    Real market algo trading

    Can you label the axes?
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    Shorting A Company You Work For?

    I don't see any issue in shorting a company you used to work for, if you don't have insider info. Don't know anything about the legal side though.
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    Shorting A Company You Work For?

    Don't do it dude, at the very least it is unethical. I remember that when I was preparing for the CFA exam, this specific example came up. Once you're short the stock, your interest is no longer aligned with the company's interest. In fact, you could potentially profit from sabotaging or just...
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    What am I missing?

    Edited: figured it out. Post can be deleted, but I don't see that option.
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    How does inverted yield curve indicate recession?

    See if you can find the ICMA fixed income courses, that's what I went through about 10 years ago and there it is explained pretty well. Sure you can find the pdf versions somewhere. As of which specific securities can be traded by a retail investor, no clue. Don't touch that stuff myself.
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    How does inverted yield curve indicate recession?

    Right, think I might have been clearer on the difference of interest rate vs yield. If people start selling fixed income instruments, the price of the instrument goes down. Say we're talking treasuries. If the price of a treasury goes down, it is cheaper to buy, but you still get the same...
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    Day Trading Options

    Depends on your strategy. Without any details, it's hard to answer this question. I'm assuming you ask this because you want to optimize margin usage without losing money due to time decay. If you're using far otm/itm options, this won't be any issue, because intraday time decay will be close...
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    How does inverted yield curve indicate recession?

    Because it signifies that market participants see uncertainty in the near future and want to be compensated for that. In a normal situtuation, interest rates are higher in the distant future than the near future. This makes sense because of the time value of money, and the fact that the distant...
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    Black box and high frequency trading

    It just seems really far fetched to me, for a couple of reasons: 1. It assumes that the number of retail traders having stops at the same level (or close enough to it) is large enough that it is worthwhile for institutional players to target. 2. It assumes they have acces to this information...
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    How does one trade options?

    Never read McMillan, but will get myself a copy. Thanks.