I am a futures trader. I use the Market Mover Trading system (yes a system that I pay for - get over it), and have been quite successful, even though I only started in March 2010. I know this isn't a long time, so I'm not claiming to be a master or anything - success should be measured over time and I'm hoping to stick it out for a good long while.

Check my blog for details of my trading style:

I'm on T2W to share opinions, and hear those of others.

I find futures to be the most lucrative and exciting investment trading vehicle that I have looked into. In my own experience and opinion of course. Maybe you disagree - I'd like to hear about what other people trade.

I am happy to connect with anyone wanting to know more about me, my style of trading, to share their own strategies and advice, and generally to talk trading.
Real Name
James Tudsbury
Independent Trader
United Kingdom
Trading Experience
Less than 1 Year
Trading Work Status
Preferred Trading Style
  1. Day Trader
Preferred Trading Methodology
  1. Break Outs
  2. Candlesticks
  3. News
  4. Retracements
  5. Technical Analysis
  6. Volume
Preferred Market Regions
  1. US
Preferred Markets
  1. Indices
Preferred Trading Instruments
  1. Futures
Preferred Futures Brokers
  1. Infinity
Favorite Trading Books
Trading in the Zone
The Disciplined Trader
Favorite Trading Tip
Capital Preservation is key, but trading is pointless without Capital Growth.


Independent Trader - S&P500 emini futures

Success is the product of good judgement, good judgement is the product of experience, experience is the product of bad judgement.



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