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    spreadbetting in the us?

    Spreadbetting accounts can be used whilst on holiday in the US but most (if not all) gambling accounts will not allow you to log on. If you are a US citizen the spread betting firms will not open an account but CFDs serve exactly the same purpose.
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    FAQ What are the pros & cons of Spreadbetting versus CFDs

    CMC markets provide/offer both and have stated that the only differences are the tax treatment and capital requirements. In the opinion of the director that spoke to the media, there is little or no justification for an individual based in the UK to trade via CFDs due to the tax treatment.
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    When I joined T2W it was a good place to learn.

    A quick read through this thread answers the original question. Too many insults hurled about; threads going off track etc. Most of the old contributors do not feel they have to put up with this so they just stay away and get on with other things. One of the things I found distasteful was demo...
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    George W. Bush

    George Bush will always have his critics but there are also a large number of people out there that liked him and believe that he gave it a good shot. He might not have got it right all the time but he did what he had to. People might call him dumb, uneducated etc., but that is a sign of...
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    You are NOT trading.

    I do not play golf or squash so I suppose I am not a sportsman but I play football and rugby and that makes me a brute. It comes down to a matter of choice and there are many that spread bet that can run rings round those that trade via direct access. Many of the posts on these boards about...
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    You are NOT trading.

    Are CFDs for the professional or are they just another punt with a bookmaker?
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    Spreads to widen

    NOT SO. Margin requirements are to be widened next month by a few of the spreadbetting firms and they have already written to clients to inform them of the changes. One of the first to do so was City Index and CMC were quick to write to clients informing them that their margin requirements are...
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    How safe is your Spread bet account ?

    Some of the firms out there are taking steps to minimise the chances of the clients defaulting. Chief among these is City Index that has written to customers to announce a rise in Margn Requirements as of April 3rd. This will reduce their risk/exposure levels as it gives them a reasonable...
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    Best Thread Joke of the day

    A Scouser walks into the local Job Centre, marches straight up to the counter and says, "Hi... you know, I just HATE drawing benefits. I'd really rather have a job." The social worker behind the counter says, "Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who...
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    There are a number of options at their disposal but they may not be able to sell these ideas to the public. Look at the outcry at the measures taken by the Federal Reserve and the general derision that they are receiving from different quarters yet if they stand by and watch the financial system...
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    Northern Rock did not run out of money, it simply lost the ability to borrow money in the credit markets to lend to people for a small turn. The old banking model was very simple, people deposited money and received x% interest and the bank lent the money to someone for x+y%; and everyone was...
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    Are they in trouble? NO. Can the government do another Northern Rock? With which bank and under what cicumstances? The first tier banks seem to be fairly stable and should be able to see out any minor storms. The government and Bank of England have been badly wounded with the Northern Rock mess...
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    Trading from home - employment status.

    When did spread betting become tax free in China? Many members on these boards have other occupations but does that mean that they are not good traders?
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    How safe is your Spread bet account ?

    We have already seen the failure of one of the new kids on the block ( and others are likely to fail as well if the carnage continues. The higher the level of risk the firm takes on its own books, the higher the likelihood of it failing. Deep pockets alone are not enough to...
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    Trading from home - employment status.

    We are not going to do this dance.