Been trading 14 years, initially in UK stocks and mutual funds, then into Ftse Futures and mutual funds and past 3 years US Stocks, Ftse futures and mutual funds.
Trading preference is limited to one answer (who designs these questions ?), so I put Futs because I've done it for longer, but nowadays its Futs in the morning and stocks afterwards - if I don't get too knackered !
Likewise Preferred Trading Methodology is limited to one answer, which imo misses the point altogether. From the start I learnt fundamentals to find appropriate stocks (Company Refs) and market conditions and technicals for entry and exit.

Too many to list here !
Real Name
Trader and Voluntary worker
United Kingdom
Trading Style
scalp, day, swing trader and long term investor
List of Markets Traded
UK Futs+US stocks +Managed funds
What method do you use to Trade?
Direct access Futures and stocks + pension funds
Trading Experience
More than 5 Years
Trading Work Status
Full-Time (Home/Office)
Preferred Trading Style
  1. Scalper
  2. Day Trader
  3. Swing Trader
  4. Long Term Investor
Preferred Trading Methodology
  1. Technical Analysis
Preferred Market Regions
  1. US
  2. UK
Preferred Markets
  1. Indices
  2. Stocks
Preferred Trading Instruments
  1. Futures
Preferred Trading Software (P-Z)
  1. TradeStation
Preferred Direct Access Brokers
  1. Interactive Brokers
Preferred Stockbrokers
  1. Interactive Brokers
Preferred Futures Brokers
  1. Interactive Brokers
Preferred Realtime Data Providers
  1. Interactive Brokers
Favorite Trading Books
Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
Favorite Trading Tip
Chaos rules



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