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    What Broker do I use?

    Hi, I am a beginner, having never traded before. I opted for a share dealing account with IG. I am based in the UK and was looking to trade off LSE, so after setting up my account (today) I made my first trade, it was 5 shares of Ted Baker. As I said, I am a beginner. I followed a very basic...
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    Stock Trading- Taxes

    Hi, I have set up a share dealing account with IG and am looking to trade on the London stock exchange. I just have a question regarding taxes, I will be starting off with small amounts of money and have read that (In the UK) you only have to pay capital gains tax if you make over £11500 profit...
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    Can I day trade with £10k?

    Thanks for your advice. Maybe a stupid question, but I was just wondering, how do taxes work with trading? I know there is probably a lot to it. But say I were trading pennies, would I have to pay tax?
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    Can I day trade with £10k?

    haha yes, that sounds a lot more sensible. If I start off small and am consistently profitable at what rate do you suggest I increase capital?
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    Can I day trade with £10k?

    Hi, I am very new to trading and am currently trying to educate myself before beginning trading. I have seen that exists a "Pattern Day Trader" rule and from videos that I have watched, it seems that you can only trade 3 times per week if you have less than $25000 in your account. I am based...