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    Best Thread Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies

    in correllation systems you cannot detect retracement after trend. ony 2 systems types possible 1) trend or 2) flat what type is yours ?
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    Best EA-Panel for Scalping and Trading at News (pending orders)

    if we wanted or could update it we would updae it and continue trade at this accounts. It was investor accounts that wanted to test with us and code their strategies. Develop period finished they took robots and trade this accounts by them self - we do not have access to this account to trade...
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    I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?

    i believe best way to start is to find Economic Calendar and watch how forex Pairs Jumping during economic News . And understand that forex pair are only Fractions like EUR/USD and 2 currency figting with each other inside that mathematic Model EUR/GBP = EUR/USD / GBP/USD for example...
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    Vetex FX VTL Indicators & Scripts

    vertex is New platform for trading - better then mt4...i have tested this platform...looks interesting....need to try code something there. nice thread!
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    Best Thread Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies

    you really believe that correllations working? any real results ? i tried to code 5 different robots based on different correlation ideas ... similar to your indicator...not profitable at totol auto, correlation work some period then fundamental killing this in 5-10 minutes
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    I have found the Holy Grail indicator for the Dow Jones - 100% right so far

    all indicators based at History , If you believe that history will repeat and your indicator also are NONREPAINT - continue to believe )) but target or market let you believe in something notflexible to blow your acc or make you open several wrong entries with losses and make you start recovery...
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    Bear Market almost ready to resume ....... March 12, 2019 posted at ET

    what instrument is this ? pair ?
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    Brexit and the Consequences

    they will never exit ) GBP as currency was need volatility ) but finally USD killed this GBPUSD pair nad it goes down
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    FREE MT4 Trade Finder

    many indicators but better create some videoinstruction from real account to show how to pickup profit using this all...
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    Advanced Grid Trading Strategy based Expert Advisor

    i developed 5 years Martingaile robots - and they Rise acc fast , same as blow them martingaile robots cannot trade Total Automated all time - need to run them in Semiautomated modes (with Hand and Mind Controll) Soon i will post my Robot too at this Forum
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    Essentials Of 'Forex News & Analysis'

    hi please tell me is there any thread at this Forum where people trade Manually at News ? thx in Advice
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    Which is the best EA bot that you ever used?

    try this EA
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    Best EA-Panel for Scalping and Trading at News (pending orders)

    I wanted to share with you Scalp Panel that i developed for news trading: - AutoTrailing Stops - AutoTP - AutoSL - it can place 1-100 pending orders with fixed Step between orders for news Trading & Delete all Sell pending orders at News if price jumped in Buy area - it can put all orders in...
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    I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?

    what is best brokers today for beginners ? and why
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi to all ! looking for good friend to make profit together and learn how to make profit pips ) Alex