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    How much money and time have you spent on education?

    Just on education i'v spent around $2500 and it was the best investment. I bought a few books but that is different because you will have to spend money to grow as a trader. Books don't cost as much as the courses anyway.
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    Measuring trending behaviour

    hey man if you are into very specific technicalities let me know, i like to improve by sharing
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    Measuring trending behaviour

    :))) How talks about the EGO ? just please walk me thru how did you came to this conclusion ?
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    Measuring trending behaviour

    You got me wrong brother. I am a technical trader and i am using custom indicators too but i am well aware of their capabilities. There are days when i get crushed because of them but overtime i have the advantage.
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    Measuring trending behaviour

    Look man you are looking for the secret sauce. There is no single one way to identify the trend and be 100% right. You have to accept that you will be wrong. As for indicators even the name says that indicates not show just indicate. With price you will see the actual price and you can compare...
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    Measuring trending behaviour

    You can not pinpoint the exact place when the trend is over. But following the Highes and the Lowes is not a bad idea.
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    What's the hardest thing to do?

    Personally I think that sticking to the strategy is the hardest. Consistency is actually the key to success. There are hundreds of thousands of strategies that do work but people are unable to follow them. The strategy has to be built for you, for your risk tolerance, time frame everything has...
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    Measuring trending behaviour

    Indicators by design are laging. The only one what is not laging is your eyes:)
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    Measuring trending behaviour

    What are your specific rules to identify a down trend ?
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    Market Psychology and Targets

    The goal would be to trade like a machine but to get there its a long road. But i agree with you if you start involving emotions specially the "I" its going to be a hard and long road till success.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hey guys. I am a Oil futures trader and i am looking for smart people whit whom i can talk about trading because not many of my friends get it unfortunately :) this business can be very lonely sometimes.
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    OPEC meeting = oil crazy

    OPEC meeting This is just crazy what the market does when you have the OPEC meetings. I am having a hard time trading because the market is just irrational. So i will just skip today and let it settle over night. Who is trading oil today and how do you protect yourself against the whipsaws ?[B]