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    Which trading strategy would you prefer?

    Suppose you have 2 trading strategies which give you a positive edge today to make money. One day eventually, they will lose their edge but you don't know when. Strategy 1 ---------- Slightly above 50% win-rate. When you win, you win 1R. When you lose, you lose 1R, unless some accident happens...
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    Lord Anton Kreil

    Sure, one needs to get an education. But is it necessary to pay up thousands for a 3 day course when cheaper books and internet forums are available? Besides, how do you know whether the trainer is good? Doesn't mean you pay thousands mean you get good trainers? If they're so good, why don't...
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    Would learning trading through cheap/free books and websites/forums be better than expensive courses?

    There are short 3-day courses which charge thousands of dollars for teaching you how to manage money. At these prices, they are even more expensive than the most expensive college in the U.S on a daily rate. Will learning trading through free books borrowed from libraries and free websites and...
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    Lord Anton Kreil

    Most likely reason Anton Kreil is so aggressive in training traders.
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    How do you size your position when adding to existing positions?

    I am looking at a long term trade. Which scenario would you choose if it is a long-term trade? How do you see the position sizing differently with different time frame?
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    How do you size your position when adding to existing positions?

    I've been pondering over this question for some time. Please give me your experienced feedback. Suppose I want to establish a position in Apple stock. X amount is full position to put into Apple. I prefer to add to winning positions. Assume Apple is on the way up and I have 3 trades to make on...
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    Why is Brexit bad for the Pound

    The Pound has taken quite a pounding since Brexit. On financial news websites, I have not really read a good explanation on why exactly Brexit is bad for the Pound. Mostly, it is about the Pound falling hard thanks to Brexit. But why? Can someone wiser on this forum enlighten?