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    Forex trading - hard work, but profitable

    How long are your trades (typically) ? Do you favour Swing over intraday trading for any particular reason?
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    Can I day trade with £10k?

    They have never won the Premiership and will probably miss out again this season.
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    Forex Training

    Hi Erik, I never doubted the veracity of your contribution and I would like to thank you for making it.This pretty much falls in line with my expectations. I remember the guy who runs this course saying that a rookie trader would be doing extremely well to make 30% profit ( uncompounded )...
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    Forex Training

    Yes this is the chap. I cannot find anybody who has used this service . There are not any testimonials available ( not that I particularly trust them either).:frown:
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    Forex Training

    Hi Quantt. Thanks for your responses. I am quite certain that this guy is a Bona Fide Trader. As for a Verified track record I am not sure if that would be forthcoming. However , I shy away from paying for courses these days (having had my fingers burned in the past). I may pay for the odd...
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    Forex Training

    Ha ! Yes quite so. However ,the guy who runs this site ( Andrew Scadden) does seem to have much more credibility than your typical common or garden Forex scammer. He does claim to have survived in this industry for over 20 years (as a Trader not a Salesman ) and gives regular Fundamental...
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    Forex Training

    Leave my bird out of it.:cheesy:
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    So Darn Easy

    Has anybody had any experience with ? The creator seemingly never has a loss and is happy to teach us all to replicate his success. This sounds great to me.
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    Forex Training

    Has anybody had any experience/knowledge of They are educators and have been around for some years now. They teach both Swing and Trend Trading. I would appreciate any feedback.