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    Dow analysis

    Sharky - you forgot to put your clock back :) Antny
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    Dow analysis

    Trickster - try The DOW chart is real-time but with limited functions. You will have to register which is simple Antny
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    telewests broadband is £33 per month. If you already have a telewest phone package its only £25 per month now. Free cable modem,you will need a NIC, about £25 and a one off connection charge of £50. Hope that helps Titus thanks
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    The next Audio Lecture

    Hi Martin I dont mind what night the lectures are on so I suggest that majority rule is a fair way for you to decide. thanks
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    Audio Lectures Update

    thanks Martin
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    Audio Lectures Update

    Hi Martin Have you decided when the lecture will take place. thanks ps O/T to run 2 monitors off 1 machine can you tell me what extra kit I need. thanks Martin
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    Competition Entry List is HERE

    Hi Martin I will have Autonomy (AU.) as my short I will have City Centre Rest.(CTC) as my long thanks
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    Hi all Thanks to Sukhi for the thread. Can't make the seminar, but the CD has already been ordered. Thanks all
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    Online stop signals

    Hi Sean TD Waterhouse & alert you to prices that reach your specified criteria. If you are only trading 1 stock which is a 350 stock and you dont mind slightly bigger spreads, then try the spreadbetters. You can leave a stop order which you can change at any time you wish. thanks
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    Name and shame

    Hi Iraj Glad to be able to read your posts again mate. I do believe CCI incompatible & RSI compatible. thanks
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    will go for RTS this time. ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS thanks
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    Hi Tx The guy you are referring to is Chris Chaitow of Collins Stewart. He was predicting the nasdaq would go to 2200. So is the Nas going to 2200 pre dec 11th or after!!!!! thanks
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    RE: Competition

    I will have Afa Systems AFA thanks
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    Moving to our own domain..

    Hi Pigsy All the plaudits you receive you fully deserve mate. A superb effort........what more can I say. thanks
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    Hello People!

    Hi DC Glad to see you are still around mate. Will keep an eye on your site. thanks