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Forex Magnates is a specialized forex news source and trading research firm.

News source: Forex Magnates has been on the forefront of retail forex breaking news publishing since early 2009. Forex Magnates is the go to source for most of the retail forex industry leaders and market participants who would like to see the latest breaking news and receive an in-depth analysis of latest events.

In January 2012 Forex Magnates founder Michael Greenberg was chosen as “Forex Person of the Year 2011” by the prestigious FXStreet portal.

Quarterly report: Since Q1 2011 Forex Magnates publishes a quarterly retail forex report overviewing latest market trends, trading volumes and developments in various regions. The quarterly report is used by hundreds of forex brokers, banks, investment firms and others to gather the most accurate overview of the otherwise little researched industry.

Research: Forex Magnates performs specialized ad-hoc research as required by clients in various branches of the financial industry. Forex Magnates utilizes its network of hundreds of market participants to conduct the most thorough and detailed reports possible. Lately the Forex Magnates Research team has performed various research reports from detailed mapping of the forex market in little known regions through overview of the latest financial technology trends and available options to global CFD market overview and forecast.

Consulting: Forex Magnates holds an immense forex industry knowledge and experience utilizing what is probably the largest network of industry contacts available to anyone. Forex Magnates has worked with some of the world’s largest forex brokers as well as start-up ones on various projects such as providing customized technological solutions, go-to-market advice, sales and marketing strategy design, regulatory framework advice and even establishing a forex brokerage from scratch. With contacts in just about every relevant firm in the field Forex Magnates can satisfy almost any requirement while saving precious time, wrong choices and unnecessary expenses.


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Mar 18, 2013

Love the Site for itís insights

Almost daily updates with insightful information for industry professionals and newcomers trying to learn

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Feb 22, 2013

its useful, its interesting its what the market needs

good site which can not only help industry professionals but also give traders an insight into the workings of the sector

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Sep 05, 2012

Best forex industry site

This is just the best forex industry website! I visit it every day. The only alternative is leaprate, but they have much less updates.

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