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Apr 03, 2013

No need to pay to learn

I do use breathing techniaues to help reducing stress in everyday situations. I wouldn't pay for this when you can get it for free. Here is one that I like on Youtube,

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Mar 15, 2013

What a bs ! This is less than an abstract : ...

What a bs ! This is less than an abstract :
"Rande’s work teaches you how to change the way you understand and work with your biology; which allows you to succeed in regulating your emotions and breaking out of life-limiting patterns (really important in trading success)."
So, what ?

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Jan 15, 2013

Waste of money; youtube is better.

I bought the product from the website. It was a series of meditations. The first meditation was on deep "bellows" breathing. I found it hard to get into a rhythm of the breathing. You quickly learn to breathe deep from the belly but Rande talked the whole time so hard to develop any rhythm. Then another meditation taught you to develop a mental safe place. This mental safe place was a place for you to go to when you felt fear in trading. And of course you deep "bellows" breathe while in your mental safe place. Other meditations didn't seem that specific to trading. While relaxed through your breathing you are supposed to listen to voices in your head. There was a religious aspect to the meditations - references to a higher power or a creator. I guess that was supposed to make you feel safe somehow.

I found the meditations didn't carry over well to trading live. I found the meditations didn't change any belief system about the nature of trading such as taking on risk.

In sum, the product was a waste of my money. Over-promised in the promotional material on the website and delivered very little.

If you want to learn to deep breathe, there are probably 20,000 breathing videos for free on youtube. Youtube also has free meditation videos that are pretty good. Save your money and use youtube.

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