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Making Bread is is run by Anna Coulling and is dedicated primarily to helping women understand how to both trade and invest in the financial markets and to learn online trading. It has been developed by a woman for women, to help both existing and new traders learn about online trading for stocks, options, shares, currency, and commodities,  and to debunk some of the myths and mystique which have always surrounded the trading and investment industry. As promised I am now developing new web sites dedicated to various aspects of online trading and investing to help you learn, as well as broader aspects of finance and money. As always the information is all free and these are now detailed on a separate page as the list was getting rather long. If you would like to see my  latest sites please just follow the link here. I am always developing new sites based on trading and investing so I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

In the last few months I have added several new sites to help you learn how to trade online, and am now in the process of upgrading many of them, so that I can post to them on a daily basis. This will allow me to give regular details of my own trades, along with suggested trades based on my own technical and fundamental analysis of the particular market. Over time all the sites will be upgraded so that they will eventually all move from static information sites, to more dynamic sites with content updated daily, and weekly videos with my thoughts and views. The first of the these is almost ready and will be based on trading the gold market, followed by silver and oil. All the currency sites will also be upgraded so that sites explaining currency pairs will have daily posts with the forecast direction for the currency pair over the short/medium and longer term.



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