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Founded in 2002, Trade Ideas is the most powerful real-time stock scanner on the market today.  The stock scanner can be accessed via browser or a traditional downloadable MS Windows based application.  Our array of statistical analysis and pattern recognition servers connect directly to the exchanges and monitor every tick for every trade on the NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, OTC BB, Pink Sheets, and the Canadian markets.  Our servers keep real-time statistical baselines on what is and is not usual for any given stock, index, and ETF.  Using the Trade Ideas real-time stock scanner allows you to gain access to our massive quantitative power without slowing down your system resources.  The number crunching is all done server side so that your systems runs fast while our software gives you a continuous stream of actionable trade ideas.

Trade Ideas customers include:

Prime Brokers
Soft Dollar Brokers
Hedge Funds
Money Managers
Portfolio Managers
Professional Traders
Day Traders
Active Retail Traders
Trade-Ideas is available in two forms, Web Based and Application Based.

Our software links to most of the popular direct access and algorithmic trading software platforms available today:  Anvil, InstaQuote, Laser, Lava, Neovest, REDI Plus, RealTick, Sterling, LightSpeed, QuoteTracker and more.


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