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Trading with Trendsignal trading software is a unique approach to trading the markets. Whether you are a total beginner, a day trader or a professional - whether you are spread betting or futures trading and whether you trade equities, indices or forex, successful trading requires market knowledge and an ability to predict market trends. Trends change every minute of every day. Trendsignal will help you identify the trend to make you money. Trading with Trendsignal software takes the guesswork out and puts the profit in.



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Dec 03, 2016

Mixed Results

I have tried Trendsignal and it is a poor trading solution in my experience. The indicators are, more often than not, simply wrong. They disappear when incorrect and repaint themselves. The money you pay is for the training, which is mediocure. You would do much better to invest in established solutions from the US, where retaill trading has taken off in a big way. There are plenty of options out there but my advice would be to save time, money and steer well clear of Trendsignal.

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Jun 15, 2016

If you are serious about becoming a full time trader I'd recommend Trend Signal!

I purchased Trend Signal back in February and have now completed all the training sessions that they provide and have been to the offices down in Milton Keynes. Out of the 5 or 6 different strategies that they teach you Iím implementing 3 of them that only takes around 15-30 mins each evening 10pm. You can trade using other strategies that has indicators at other times of the day, but to start off with I think using the Daily charts are the best to get confident and not overload yourself with information. I will work towards trading full time in the near future.
The training day was great as you can tell straight away that Trend Signal is professional run business that have real knowledge of the financial markets, the day was packed full of information and to be honest I was tired when the day finished, I was not looking forward to the drive back to Edinburgh! I had my first 1 hour training session with Mike my Trader Coach a few of days later and this has also been great, any questions Iíve had have been answered fluently giving me a complete understanding in what Iím doing. I have Mike on Skype so any question any time of the day I fire off a message and Mike responds promptly.
I started off using too many strategies that didnít suit my current workload so I have since stripped it back so it easily manageable in under 30 minutes each night, the set and forget approach is great if you currently have other commitments. The rules based approach also suited me because if you stick to what your taught and keep clear from being a revolutionist you will see that Trend Signal does work in real time and just as well as if you were to back test the results.
I started a brand new Demo account on mon 30th of May 2016 and have grown the demo balance from £10,000 to £13,753.00 risking 2% of my account on each trade. I reckon you can start using Trend signal with a couple of thousand pounds though. I was successful in my results before this trial but I was taking on too much and missing opportunities so I thought Iíd start a fresh as a review before I felt I was competent wouldnít give Trend Signal much justice.
The education behind this is much more that looking for indicators and placing trades blind. You can see from what your taught the reason you are entering the trade and the reason that it is likely to go in your favour. This is not a get rich quick scheme, you need to take time and commit to learning but I think thatís better than copying some Trading Guruís trades, if he/she was to get hit by a bus tomorrow where do you go from there. Iíve spent the last two years, and several thousand pounds trying to perfect trading and only now do I finally feel that Iím well on the road to success. The price tag of Trend Signal makes it too expensive for most to try out but I was encouraged by the fact that it is not some £199.00 get rich quick scheme with a money back guarantee that never stands up.
I have given a lengthy review of my experience so far because when I purchased trend signal I couldnít find many reviews from people that have actually purchased and are implementing the strategies taught, Iíve since come to the conclusion the people probably only shout from the roof tops when things are going wrong with a product. I am happy to answer any questions regarding my review.
James Wright,
Independent Reviewer,
Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Feb 22, 2016

Good Product nice people.

Does the job if you have the right trader mentality.

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Feb 16, 2016

Aussie trendsignal??

Is there anyone from Australia currently using trendsignal who would be willing to share their views on this?
Call me if you wish 0427 507429.
Thanks, Mick.

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Feb 10, 2016

Doubtful about Trendsignal

I am new to FX trading having spent a couple of years share trading with various different spreadbetting companies and using ShareScope to program several strategies of my own.

I am looking for a system to help me make a sustainable income of circa £1000/month from trading FX. Therefore I have recently taken an interest in Trendsignal after watching one of the webinars.

So I have a few simple questions:
1) How much would I have to have in my trading account to make £1000/month (realistic average assuming Trendsignal claimed success rate?

2)Why, if Trendsignal can delivery a greater than 50:50% success rate on a consitent basis, are they trying to sell the system when instead the shareholders in Trensignal company could simply be sitting on a beach in the Bahamas making money every day by using Trendsignal. Please don't give me that old altruistic response.........

3) Has anyone, like Earnst & Young, conducted an independet third party due diligence on the claimed Trendsignal success rate.

4) On the webinar that I watched there was mention of a money back guarantee if not satisifed. How long do we get to make a claim and how much do we get back.

5) If trendsignal the company ceases trading can we still use Trendsignal the software of woudl all teh date feeds from Ensign stop event though we are paying a monthly fee?

This is a genuine unbiased enquiry from a potential Trendsignal investor who is about to start investing in FX and is therefore a newbie to FX but not spreadbetting shares!

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Nov 17, 2014

Learn what trading is about then try this product.

Used this for about 18 months but have been watching it for several years as I was building up my trading accounts. It is a DECISION TOOL to die for but it won't teach you what trading is all about. Only the individual can learn that. If you jump into trading expecting that all you have to do is wait to see a Sniper Circle and place an order then the cash will just come flooding in to your bank account then there is every chance that you will get burned. If on the other hand you research your particular market, note the daily volatility and high volume times then combine this with some fundamental practices, Supply and Demand, Risk Management according to your written TRADING PLAN then you are ready to take advantage of the best trading DECISION TOOL that is out there. Consider learning to drive trucks in a 1950s AEC Knocker with a crash gearbox, geared steering, graunch lift trailers then suddenly get to drive a modern vehicle with extended views, standard gears , external reverse sensors and power steering. The rules of the road don't change but its easier to manoevre on them.
Trendsignal as a company give a lot of support and are one of the few pseudo trainers out there that tell the truth, not to lower expectations in my view but to make people aware of their responsibilities to themselves. Oh sure you're going to have salesmen big up the product however in light of what I have written ALL of the components are listed for trading success. The individual purchaser must assess his or her risk tolerance, assess costings according to their TRADING PLAN then look at the particular market asset classes. Unfortunatly too many people try to do this in reverse jumping into live trading first which is more reliant upon luck than good judgement.
Visit Trendsignal offices,(they were in Saville Row in London when I first visited), speak to the directors of Trendsignal. They are very willing to describe their product and the benefits of using it. Nowhere was I sold a money making machine, it was merely an in depth discussion with some professional traders, a classification of which today I am proud to consider myself a member of.

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Oct 25, 2014

Trendsignal for sale

Hi There

New to T2W and also trading really apart from a few losses and a few wins. more losses than wins I am afraid.

I am intrested in having a go with this trendsignal product. Would I be correct in saying that as you have purchased a product it is something you can sell on if you wish. If this is the case I am intrested if anyone wants to sell.

I realise that some of the initial assistance provided by trendsignal would not be available in this arrangment but I would get the software and would have their continuing backup.

If anyone can clarify this subject I would appreciate it



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Oct 02, 2014

Trendsignal works for me but be realistic

I have owned Trendsignal for just over 12 months and my experience has been quite positive. I would describe myself pretty much as a Newbie - Apart from using a few demo accounts here and there Iíd never really placed a trade before purchasing Trendsignal. Admittedly it took me a little longer to get up to speed than I envisaged. Despite my doubts at the beginning of my time with Trendsignal, the coaching sessions with Mike really helped me to fully understand the system and ensure that I was spotting trades in the right way. I mainly trade the daily charts and have posted good profits for the last 10 months, with a few bumps along the way. I donít trade the intra-day charts because I donít have the time to devote to that.
The level of support is better than I was expecting and generally the Trendsignal team have been quick to deal with my queries, usually responding within 24 Ė 48 hours although I did have to chase them regarding installation on a new computer. Trendsignal has certainly helped me so far. I am sure there is a lot more to learn about trading, but I am making good progress and happy to work hard on this to develop further.
Would I recommend them? Well I am pretty happy so far so I would say yes but be realistic and donít expect instant success as trading requires a level of commitment.

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Sep 17, 2014


My experience is much like some of those mentioned below. I bought Trendsignal in January and really wish I hadnít of bothered. I was influenced by the positive testimonials on the Trendsignal website but I really wish I had read some of the reviews below before I made my decision. In the beginning success was iffy but nowhere near good enough for me to recover my £3,600 outlay. Out of desperation and reading the continuing positive testimonials I decided to up my stake. Needless to say all I did was throw another £2,000 into the markets following the sniper strategy. I emailed a copy of my trading log to Trendsignal to clarify that the trades where as per the rules. They agreed that all of the trades were valid and that it was just a bad run of trades I had took. They also said that the markets are difficult to trade at the moment. Especially on the timeframe I have been trading and that they had found that the results of the Sniper system where not as the used to be. ďNo Sh1t Sherlock !!Ē. I had 30 trades and a £2,000 hole in my bank account that could have told me that. What really annoyed me is that if Trendsignal knew that the Sniper system wasnít working, why didnít they tell me? They just let me carry on trading pouring money into their broker. Thinking about it, after my Ďcoaching sessioní the only time Trendsignal have been in contact with me was to tell me about the new Ďscannerí they want to rent out at £400 a year. I donít think so !! To date I am over £6,000 down since buying Trendsignal. I am waiting until the end of this month to cancel my £30 a month subscription to Ensign. My Trendsignal experience has been very expensive and utterly disappointing. Do not be conned !

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Sep 04, 2014

Time tested system or free cuppa ?

I purchased Trendsignal 2 years ago , deciding after many failed attempts at trading to try another product . It would be fair to say that I was "seduced" by the marketing message !.
I have tried many many different products and services , most of which claimed to be instant plug and play success . Trendsignal did not , after you get "in the door" of Trendsignal they quickly educate you that trading takes time , effort and a need to be disciplined.
That appeals to me , I don't want to blindly follow a signal , I wanted to be able to understand the chart and the market and then have a tool that would support my decision. Like having a trading partner , Trendsignal fulfilled that.
Trading is tough, too many people seem to want the reward without the effort . Trendsignal is not an automated system , you have to learn it and then apply that logic in a disciplined way , day in day out.
The Charts are clear and without needing to decipher what they are saying , is it perfect - certainly not but it has stood the test of time for me and now remains as the only product I use on a daily basis.
I would recommend it - feel free to contact me if you want a unbiased opinion from my personal experience.
If you want a system that has provided consistent results try Trendsignal , if however you want a free cup of coffee and a hug then this is probably not for you. Although I believe they do a nice cuppa - not sure about the hug

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