Trading Places

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In this crowd-pleasing 1983 comedy of high finance about a homeless con artist who becomes a Wall Street robber baron, Eddie Murphy consolidated the success of his startling debut in the previous year's 48 Hours and polished his slick-winner persona.

The turnabout begins with an argument between super-rich siblings, played by Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche: Are captains of industry, they wonder, born or made? To settle the issue, the meanies construct a cruel experiment in social Darwinism. Preppie commodities trader Dan Aykroyd (perfectly cast) is stripped of all his worldly goods and expelled from the firm, and Murphy's smelly derelict is appointed to take his place, graduating to tailored suits and a world-class harem in record time. Eventually the two men team up to teach the nasty old manipulators a lesson, cornering the market in frozen orange juice futures in the process.

Director John Landis (The Blues Brothers) doesn't have the world's lightest touch, but he hits most of the jokes hard and quite a few of them pay off. Trading Places is also a landmark film for fans of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Country: USA

Produced by: John Landis

Studio: Paramount Home Video

Stars: Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis


Duration: 118

Languages: English

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Jun 29, 2012

Best trading movie ever

Finest introduction to shorting you could imagine. I still look fondly at FCOJ futures, and think about 'the crop report'. The only flaw is that Winthrop and Valentine had left Duke & Duke, so they would not have had credit facilities to trade on margin, and the volatility on FCOJ futures has never been so extreme.

But funny, wow! One of the best lines was apparently ad-libbed by Eddie Murphy, when he tries to chat up a woman whilst acting as a limbless veteran beggar. When she rejects him he says "I know what you're thinking, you seen Porgy and Bess" (


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Apr 09, 2012

the trading classic

Almost 30 years have passed and it became 'The trading classic'! what a movie! I love it, funny a must see movie!

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Nov 18, 2011

So that's how I got hooked

A classic movie covering a plethora of controvertial issues in an entertaining way. I watched this move when I was at Junior School and I'm convinced this had something to do with my early facinationtion with the world of trading.

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Sep 27, 2011

I love this Classic! I mean who doesnt?

Everyone Loves this movie! If you havent seen it by now you need to rent it. I think it may even be available in Netflix by now. Go check it out as it is a must see!

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Aug 25, 2011


Eddie Murphy back when he was funny. Just watched the other day and enjoyed it.

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Jun 18, 2011


Ohhhh yeah sure sure, you're all lying, you just like the part where Jamie Lee Curtis is in front of her mirror don't you! ;)

Great movie, a classic.

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Jan 20, 2011

essential viweing

Love it. There is that scene with Al pacino as Vince Lombardi, about life being whatever is 6 inches infront of your face. That gets quoted alot on trading floors. So does:

"Sell, Mortimer, SELL!"

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Dec 21, 2009


It is one of the best all time classics. I just love it for all aspiring traders this is a must see film.

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Oct 05, 2009

My favorite Holiday film

Forget "It's a Wonderful Life" or Dickens' "Christmas Carol". Every year, after getting the kids' packages wrapped and the stockings hung by the chimney with care, I pour a scotch, sit back, and laugh my way through Trading Places. Not only is it classic Aykroyd/Murphy (and a very nubile young JLC), but a great intro to futures trading. What better way to celebrate the Holidays?

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Sep 01, 2005

Murphy at his best

I've seen this over and over. Eddie Murphy is in his prime and film is both funny and insightful.

Now, where do I get hold of the that Orange Crop Report ?

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