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ADVFN provides live quotes for forex and indices via its web site, along with delayed quotes for NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX stocks.  Premium packages are available to receive real-time quotes, including Level 1 and 2.


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Aug 23, 2016

Reasonable content

ADVFN is a powerful source for content, but sometimes it's hard to read because everything is jumbled together in a mess. For the most part I used it, the information was correct and precise.

As mentioned before, one bad point it is that you can't draw charts. This felt like quite a lack. The analyses are also useful most of the times so I don't have much to complain about it.

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Feb 18, 2014

ADVFN terrible customer service bad attitude, only interested in taking your money

I subscribed to their site at a cost of 73 a year, but beware they just keep taking your money, every year, without any prior notification, no reminders, and once they have your money they will not refund it even if you advise them you want to cancel.
If you do want to cancel you have to write to them, and send it in the post! they do not accept emails, and there is no option to cancel on the actual website.
Really bad customer service they are only after your money.
Remember this is an online business but you they make really difficult to cancel, doesent this tell you something.

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Oct 01, 2011

Been using then since dot com bubble

I've used ADVFN charts to trade the likes of bookham technologies, scoot,com, knutsford, Freeserve,, ARM during the days of the dot com bubble in the late 90s up until recent times. I no longer trade stocks but even tough I now trade futures using iTradePod's approach of Market Profile trading, I still can rely ADVFN site as a backup to get a live feed of the DOW cash price.

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Nov 14, 2004


Good range of services, very easy to upgrade your subscription just a click of a button, but they make it alot harder to downgrade/cancel any options when you try this is what you get "Send notice of termination or downgrade including your username, full registered home and email addresses, service level to be downgraded to, contact telephone number and explanation of your intentions to: ADVFN PLC, Subs Dept, 26 Throgmorton St, London,EC2N 2AN. ADVFN CANNOT ACCEPT NOTICE FOR CANCELATION OR DOWNGRADE VIA EMAIL OR TELEPHONE. " Very naughty, it should be just as easy to cancel as to subscribe.

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Aug 26, 2003

Good stuff

Although I don't have anything to compare with, ADVFN meets all my needs as a short/medium term investor.

Layout is nice and simple, pretty reliable (although, would not rely on it for a sole l2 source if I was a day-trader, as it goes down occasionally).

Customer support is excellent with someone on the BBs willing to help those in distress.

The main problems with ADVFN are:

It is impossible to unsubscribe because of the hurdles they put in your way ('postman losing letters' etc).

Also, you are on a streaming queue (to save them money on lse feeds) and get kicked off when other people log on. This can be solved by paying twice as much (i.e. you're stuck with it).

Has some negatives, but the benefits far outweigh them and you should profit through the insight that it provides you with.

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Jan 03, 2003


i use advfn as emergency back-up streaming real-time data for one equity at a time (on bronze premium service); gives instant access to trades, mid bid and offer price all on one chart, very nice. cannot draw on chart. stays live for only short time before you need to refresh/reload.

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