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Forex trading with us gives you the opportunity to speculate on over 10,000 financial markets, with the flexibility to go long or short on currency pairs. We offer very competitive spreads, including from 0.7 points on EUR/USD and from 1 point on the UK 100.

Since we were established over 25 years ago, we’ve been putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our Next Generation web-based and mobile platforms demonstrate how we’ve continually improved based on client feedback. The platform offers a huge range of technical indicators and advanced tools to support your trading, like client sentiment, pattern recognition scanner, market calendar, Reuters, price alerts and much more besides.

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Aug 03, 2018

this broker cant be trusted

I had a bad trading experince recentlly it was difficult to get a withdrawal I had to hire a recovery solution firm to retreive my money glad this is finally over for me. infojackie04atgmaildotcm

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Apr 06, 2017

trading skill and strategy

Getting money from your broker accounts is always a problem because most
people do not understand the process of withdrawal methods in which you can
use to get your money back. most brokers do not create awareness of a
better trading skill to their clients because they want to loose more than
can for better way to trade.

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Feb 13, 2017

Poor Customer Service

Used their platform with no issues but as a new member would like their customer services to be better as I had to almost just click and learn...

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Jan 26, 2017

best strategy in binary option

what is the essence of trading when you don't profit. Have you been tossed around by cyber swindlers and scammers and above all amateur traders, making you lose money.that's what you get when you fail to let professionals trade for you. well, i found a strategy,which i have been using and it helped me regain my money i lost during trading and i made more profit. you too can regain your lost money and gain profit in a short time of two weeks. contact me

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Apr 30, 2016


CMC used to trade as TRADE4FREE but their nickname was STEAL4FREE!

Anyone who trades with them should install a screen recording program on their PC
(there are free ones on the net). Then phone CMC and tell them you have a video
record of the transaction that differs from theirs.

I first did this in the early 2000s, when I had to buy a DVD recorder and a module
to connect to the PC, as they were tricking me by the day.
The first time I rang them they asked me to send them the DVD (they thought they
were calling my bluff).
I sent them a copy and after that they just took my word I wasn't bluffing.
I found they just didn't argue and paid up.

You can obtain the official Time & Sales info for that day to confirm what you suspect.

I got fed up of all their trickery, manipulation, deceipt and lies and dumped them,
which I recommend to anyone after reading the current posts.

As for the staff, they generally acted and sounded like East London wide boys just out of school.

I tried others and landed on IG Index. They are professional and honest beyond belief.
What you click on is what you get - no ifs no buts. Their staff are so very helpful.

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Mar 30, 2016

At last up scratch.

Pretty good overall.
Some spreads are a little too wide.
Can't 'PoP' Chart windows out.
No Options.
There Volatility Calculations are off.
Voila...enjoy !!

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Feb 25, 2016

Opinions about this broker?

What is your opinion about this broker?I am looking for opinions on this broker?

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Aug 24, 2015

Plain speech: This is fraud.

Charts that defy the market. Regardless of what stock prices are doing, the CMC platform will regularly decide to spike in the opposite direction, running stops, executing bogus orders, and generally doing what it can to put you in the red. Case in point - 'Black Monday', when the DAX dropped over 600 points during the day: CMC actually opened late, 30 points below the market, grabbing as many orders as it could before skyrocketing 100 points over the next five minutes, while the DAX was in freefall, losing 50 points in the same time frame. A nice touch was ignoring the stop loss entirely.

Don't be taken in by these fraudsters.

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Aug 15, 2015

They prey on customers with tight stops and simply run the quote against you.

Absolutely awful experiences trading with CMC Markets.

They prey on customers with tight stops and simply run the quote against you....Even if the real market is going the way that you anticipated.

Stay Away.

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Jan 21, 2015

They behave like gangsters

I got given a version of a company report NuSep Ltd he completelly left out the fact that the company had just made a new issue of shares about eight times the size of current shares on issue at way below the price that he took a bid from me at I didnt ring to buy but his version of the report made me think the shares fell heavilly for nothing he also didnt tell me the directors were doing a debt for equity swap In another case with a mining share I had the advisor telling me even though the option exercise price is way above current price theyll get there if I think that they will he then kept badgering me to raise my bid higher I just lost it and went with him and lost most of my money but would of soon lost lot had I stayed in in another case with another share I was panicing as the advisor knew over the shares continual fall and I placed an order he got held up by something he then got back onto me andd told me I got sold but his answer made it obvious the stock had started turning up while he was held up but he didnt bother to tell me The Matter went to this FOS in Australia and they lied all the way into this dispute unfortunatelly FOS it seems ussually go with the lies of brokers and if you can prove it after the event they just say your too late our decision is final its abit like the judge in the old classic movie Oliver where a new witness arrives just after the judge sentences Oliver to say he saw who did it and it wasnt Oliver the judge just says "havnt I( made my decision" Naturally CMC are over the moon about such I then took them to anti discrimination board still trying to get all the recordings they hold they lied there too yet again Im told Im too late

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