Spread Trading

by Howard Abell

in Books / Risk Management

Spread Trading reveals what it takes to trade based on the concept of the differential, or relationship between commodities or similar products. Abell challenges you to make spreading your full-time game, pointing out advantages such as:

- earning greater profits over the long run, with highly calculated risks

- discovering opportunities in seemingly dull markets

- defining risk and trading objectives in very specific terms

- following seasonal and cyclical patterns based on historical spread relationships

Abell fully explores the psychological and analytical skills required for spread trading, and explains how to:

- trade to win, instead of trading in order not to lose

- build the inevitability of drawdowns into your strategy

- identify the market signal, or the 'spread entry point'.

T2W edit; please note that this book is about a specific trading method, it's not about spread betting.

Publish date: 2012-02-20

Isbn: 0793124255

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Mar 13, 2006


This book is a complete waste of paper, no structure, no depth, very little of interest. The only part worth reading was Steve Moores interview. Of all the dozens of trading books I have this is the worse by far.

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