Leg the Spread

by Cari Lynn

in Books / People, Trading

In the Futures market, it's all about minimizing risk and maximizing your wallet. Buying something gives you one leg, but you've got to sell something to get the other leg. If you can come full-circle, and you've got two legs to stand on, that's your spread. This takes expertise and guts, and it shouldn't matter whether you're male or female - but it does. It's a man's world in trading and it takes a strong stomach, a thick skin and plenty of grit for a woman to get ahead.

Publisher: Capstone Publishing

Publish date: 2005-03-15

Edition: 1st

Format: Hb

Pages: 320

Isbn: 1841126640

Ranked #52 of 172 Books



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Oct 14, 2005

entertaining floor stuff

this is a story written about this lady's experience getting onto the floor at the US exchanges.

I'd sort of expected this book to be a bit more hair raising, rude and scandalous, but it sounds like the US exchanges are a bit tamer than say LIFFE over here... if you've read the "pit stories" thread then this book seems a bit dull by comparison.

If you know little about the floor then this is an interesting, non-educational introduction and a generally good read, but if you already have a floor grounding then lots of stuff you'll already know to wade through.

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