Turning Point Analysis in Price and Time

by Joseph Duffy and Joseph Duffy

in Books / Technical Analysis

From the Introduction

'This manual contains the most powerful predictive and forecasting tools I know. Perhaps on its own each technique would not be very special. However, when several different techniques are giving like signals at a particular point in price and time, it is this confluence which affords the most outstanding trading opportunities. This combination is the way these techniques are best used.

I have tried to present these trading techniques in the simplest way possible. Even so, becoming comfortable using these techniques will take practice and experience. At first you may see the reason for many turning points after the fact. Do not be discouraged by the feeling that you 'missed the trade.' This will forever happen to some extent, but should happen less often as you progress. Recognizing a trade, even after the fact, is at least a sign that you are becoming familiar with the proper application of the trading tools. As you become more practised, you should begin to anticipate your share of high probability market turning points.'

Publisher: Windsor Books

Publish date: 1994

Format: Hb

Pages: 122

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