Spread Betting

by Andrew Burke

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In this book, Andrew Burke offers a comprehensive view of spread betting, detailing all the basics and then going on to examine more complex areas such as value, risk and how to form markets.This uniquely valuable and clearly written guide has plenty for novice and experienced players alike.

Publisher: Aesculus Press Ltd

Publish date: 1998

Edition: 1st

Format: Pb

Pages: 192

Isbn: 1871093236

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Aug 03, 2006

Sports Spread Betting Bible

Spread Betting by Andrew Burke (Rowton Press) was the very first book I purchased to discover the mysteries of spread betting on sports.

IMO the book is aimed at the novice spread bettor or the punter, like I was at the time, who needs more excitement in their betting and wishes to take the first steps into the world of spread betting.

From the very first chapter Andrew takes you by the hand and leads you slowly through the basics of "what spread betting is", "surviving the early months of trades" and the all important "managing risk".

The main themes cover football and horse racing spread betting but there is also a taster of cricket, rugby,golf, tennis and motor racing.

Throughout the book there are numerous examples of different types of bets and invaluable pieces of "do'es" and "dont's" for the unsuspecting first timer.

The book is written in a plain no-nonsense format which even I understood and there is plenty of good advice in the 10 golden rules section.

I would thoroughly recommend the book to anyone who is thinking of taking up spread betting, or for that matter to anyone who finds it difficult to make a profit from their sports spread bets.

A welcome addition to my bookshelf.

Good Luck


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