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Try entering Vantage Point into T2W`s search facility!
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Originally Posted by chrisanstis
has anyone heard of vantage point software from America
go to this web site, then tell me if anyone has heard of this or trading this
chris anstis
Don't bother spending any money on this in my opinion its a con I bought it once and sent it back and thankfully got a full refund,its just based on moving averages.
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I can't see any declaration of algorithms supporting the "forcast MA"
Looks like a black box to me - see software guide - buyers beware.
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Having written and used Neural Net software for trading I can say they do work and can produce targets direction and timeframe data for trading however you must realise that the quality of what you get out is based on what you put in during the learning process you realy need a neural net with 250+ neurons to get a decent prediction on indices.

If anyone would like to have a play with a Neural net drop me a line I have some basic NNs that you could have a play with and interface with excel
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Exclamation Hmmmmmmmmm Na!!!

Intermarket Analysis works for the long term... but changes now and then ranging from a year to 10or 20 odd years eg a method called decoupling where once coupled markets tend to "decouple" some time in the future; and i'm taking years. If you read the book "Intermarket Analysis" by Murphy he mentions all this. He also has given positive reference to Vantage Point. But what if once correlated markets starts to "decouple" what then.... all software calculation for the neural network modules in Vantage point would have to change right?! Now THAT'S NOT mentioned..... are they aware of that???!!!!

I have tried VP for a year now... Yes the sales person was pushy and being in the UK wanted me to find other sales for him in the UK..... !!

I, like others, find that there PMA was good, but their predicted H & L was in accurate and useless at times. You are better off using candlestick charting which is effective using metastock with a plugin.... which still doesn't come anywhere near VP price.

I Really want get my money back on this, but it's been a year and i haven't really made any greater amounts of money from it than to just use my own trading ways/rules.... i have just made more money from experience and getting better.... but not from the software!

Anybody know how i can get my money back from these people?
Or does anyone want it from me to test for themselves... maybe i missed something!
Act after having made assessments. The one who first knows the measure of far and near wins...
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