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I created a 'Long Fractal' indicator. The only problems are, it doesn't generate a blob on the price chart (or paint the bar in some way) but appears as an indicator beneath; and it doesn't show the fractal bar itself - that is, the middle bar - but the last bar that forms the Fractal.

This is the code I used:

LongFractal = (high[2]>high[3] and high[2]>high[4] and high[2]>high[1] and high[2]>high)

IF LongFractal THEN


RETURN result AS "Detection of LongFractal"

I'm attaching a chart to show how it looks. If anyone has any ideas about creating a 'paint bar' indicator instead, or about shifting the indicator I have two bars to the left, to make it easier on the eye, that would be great.
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Originally Posted by GammaJammer View Post
Surely the RSPCA will have something to say about that. Isn't that like bear baiting?
Aren't crows vermin? In which case, anything goes
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ProRealtime coding help

I'm trying to get something new to work in ProRealtime but I'm stumped and I've had no reply to my plea for help from ProRealtime.

Can one of the resident experts help please?

I'm trying to get Ehler's Cyber Cycle with inverse Fisher Transform to work but it seems that the PREV function that works fine in Metastock may be the issue.

This is the code I've got

pr= (High+Low)/2
a= 0.07
sp= (pr+(2*pr[1])+(2*pr[2])+pr[3])/6
cycle = (1-(.5*a))*(1-(0.5*a))*(sp-(2*sp[1])+sp[2]) + 2*(1-a)*cycle[1] - (1-a)*(1-a)*cycle[2]
return CCIFT

It is the 'cycle=' line that is rejected. Any help would be appreciated.

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anyone help with a code for prorealtime?

hi i'm looking for a code that can work on pro screener which:
screens for the higher high of two points between time x and time y , alternatively another that screens for the lower high of two points between time x and y.
basically it should return a trend identified by you between two time points also identified by you. eg using 5min chart give all stocks whose highs trended up between bars 5:25 -5:55 .
i have tried it in many ways and still it can't come.
thanks in advance for any responses
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Re: Coding Indicator Prorealtime

I need a great deal of help please. A proscreener would be an ideal tool for what I need (although a probacktest might give historical results for the system on any particular pair) this way any number of instruments could be searched.
So more details, for the purposes lets imagine we are using a short position. What I would be searching for is 2 zigzag points on price where the 2nd point is higher than or eqaul to the 1st (for zigzag I use req variation = 14, % or pt = pt and (h+l+c*2)/4), at these same 2 points I would look for the 2nd RSI point to be lower than or equal to that of the 1st, hence the divergence (I also use (h+L+c*2)/4 for RSI). Where I meet a stone wall is this, a divergence can build up over many candles or very few, it is setting the proscreener/indicator or whatever to identify the divergence regardless of how many candles it takes.
Let me point you to a youtube video which migh describe my needs better, the entry point is immaterial, it is the identification of the potential entry I am most interested in.

I do appreciate your help, many thanks.

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Re: Coding Indicator Prorealtime

Hey GammaJammer

I hope that you don't mind me dropping you a quick line

Am just trying to work out how to code the following simple proscreener in Prorealtime and wondered if you might be good enough to point me in the right direction if its not an inconvenience

Am just looking to get a proscreener that shows forex pairs, indices etc that have consistent bullish or bearish readings on a Parabolic SAR indicator for the timeframes of Weekly, Daily, 4 hourly and 1 hourly

Any advice would be greatfully received

Best wishes

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Re: Coding Indicator Prorealtime

Is it possible to build an indicator for Point and Figure that gives +1 if X goes above previous high of X (a PnF buy signal)

and -1 if 0 go under previous low of 0 (a PnF sell signal?
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