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Well that was the Week that was..

rdstagg started this thread May 30

Ym -150
ER2 60
DAX -300
ESTX -70
SMI 15

Net -445 / -1,335

Well let's look on the positive side - the week is over. Awful week with a complete run of losers.
Today was more of the same - nick and runs everywhere. Being caught in by horrible hammer candle bars (Dax) and high ticks and all sorts.

Even when we got runs (eg the SMI and EMD) we got taken out by our protective breakeven + stop and even worse a manual override of the system to miss the final trend of the day. Damaging to the bottom line and the psyche!

We are currently sat on a 26% drawdown but still trading 3 contracts.
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Worst week so far.

rdstagg started this thread System lost 15,080 this week (pos sized) and we are currently experiencing a 25.74% Drawdown.

Worst week by far and cruel in that we suffered 5 day losses in a row.
It can get worse ( historically the worst run was 9 days) but it is fairly unusual.
The kind of week where you just wish you had played more golf and left the screens!

Looking at the positives - the last 3 losing days we only had 3 contracts on and not four - hence reducing our losses.

The idea behind trading multiple instruments is that we try and avoid losing days but this week we lost when we went short and long on different instruments in the same day.

Lots of people will mention correlation at this juncture. ~And it is true the indices are highly correlated - but not as much as you would think.
For example thursday where we were short in Europe and long in the USA. (And still came out negative on the day!)
If you try and make sense of it by normal techincal portfolio theory it won't make sense - but we are here to make money not sense.

Lets look forward to next week.
Bring it on.
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Hardware Crash & Lightning strikes

rdstagg started this thread In the middle of trading yesterday my hard drive decided to go bang.
These things happen. Trading off my laptop is very difficult after 3 screens let me tell you!

What I had not expected was that my tradestation backup archive only held the prior version backup ( I automatically schedule a backup every 2 weeks).
So I am going to have to re install a prior version of TS onto my new hard drive (which arrived this morning ) to then restore a backup there. Then re install the current version which will swap whatever it has to swap over. (Fingers crossed).

Since I started trading the house has been hit by lightning (twice!) which caused the first hard drive to burn up and now this - in only 5 years.
My next purchase is a UPS ( uniterruptable power supply ) which I beleive may give me some extra protection against lightning and other power surges.

Any comments welcome on that.
Therefore - no blog today.
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UPS is a good idea. I had several electricity problems during trading time and my UPS saved my a.s
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I have a dream...

rdstagg started this thread I will be able to trade and store stuff remotely and not have to bother with all this personal pc nonsense!

Think... no more upgrades, disk failures, software crashes ( well only the odd one naturally ),purchase of numerous gadgets for protection. No more purchase of anti sypware, virus protection - the installing and reinstalling and uninstalling of software. You just turn your workstation on and up it pops just as you left in. All upgrades handled by people who understand that you don't want to be bothered with all this stuf - you JUST WANT TO TRADE/WORK!

And then I woke up.

Still sorting out software installations, etc so unlikely to post until saturday now I think.
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Hello again

rdstagg started this thread June 9th

Ym -100
EMD 10
ER2 10
Dax 25
SMI 10

Net -35 / 140

Back up and running again now. My spreadsheet is out of date on my laptop but last week was actually a great week.
Especially friday where we got hold of the big runs.
I will talk about my system failure to capture this trend in the next post however.

We are now back up to trading 4 contracts.

Yesterday was a very trying day for no profits. Annoying to take a small loss - it was perfectly feasible to get out with a breakeven day.
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Sometimes you fail

rdstagg started this thread Here is the sequence of events with a Dax trade on June 6th.
The good news is that we got some profit. But we also left a lot on the table.
Had I been non discretionary about our rule based system we would have captured the whole lot
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