Using MiniDow Dayraider Upgrade

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Using MiniDow Dayraider Upgrade

Today was my first real money trade using this upgrade. I took about a week to follow the market using the new system and today was the first real money day. I would say it worked nicely. I traded only with 2 contracts. First set up today i took at 10:57am, long at 8998 and sold at 11:29am at 9034, for a quick 30 points. It was a nice set up. I used Stuards Time, and price dowbehavior methodology. Min dow cash also had a nice positive deviation set up. It was a beautiful trade.
And the second good trade was at 1:32pm ET, it formed double bottom on macd, and time/price, dow behaviors came handy. My stop loss was about 5points below my entry, right below green line and white dots.
Here are some charts of those set ups.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.
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Just an observation.

If this thread is intended to put minds at ease, you would be better off not disabling the feature in Tradestation that shows trades on the chart. It's on by default.

Showing this information proves 2 things:
1 - That you actually made the trades
2 - That you didn't make another bunch of losing trades you decided not to discuss

It'll also save you from having to put the words "Buy" and "Sell" on the chart

Any chance ?
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Hi Mike,
Pedro's advice is very sound, IMO. A friendly word of advice if I may . . .
As a new member, there will be those who will look on you with some suspicion, especially if you claim to do really well using the Dayraider upgrade - as supplied by Stuart who is a colourful, but controversial vendor. Therefore, anything you can do to add credibility to your trades will help to shield you from those who would otherwise conclude that you're here merely to scam and pump Stuart's services. Following Pedro's suggestion will go some way towards keeping his critics at bay. I shall follow your progress with interest!
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Buy Sell strategy entries on TS mean nothing. How can anyone be sure that those orders are

i) real trades
ii) based on any particular method/strategy.

Its easy to write two lines strategy that works for just the day and put that entries/exits on a chart. Easy peasy. Statements of a live account are by far the most reliable evidence.

On the other hand, post-market analysis of the market can also be a good indicator as to how the method works, if its done consistently.

I have no other intention here other than just to mention the validity of the use of entry exit marks on TS chart.
I'll take one at a time.
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This used to be my system (called LSS range ) but I do not use it anymore. It produced a very nice long trade yesterday.
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I'll take one at a time.
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Congrats Mike on your trading....

As a fyi, Mike did not execute his trades via Tradestation Securities - that's why the trade entry arrows did not show up on his charts. Hopefully Mike can get a screen capture from yesterday's trading activity from the broker he used and post it on this thread some time today.

Keep it up Mike!

Stuart K.
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mikez started this thread Boys, i'm new to this thread and new to TS. I use OpenECry to get my orders in. For future, i'll make sure some how proof my buys and sells.
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Another great day using Upgraded MiniDow Dayraider,

mikez started this thread Traded with 1 to 3 contracts and was up $749 for the day. It's getting easier to see the trades. Here are few trades, on first I got in a bit early but it still worked out good. MACD was coequal, my stop loss was at dotted white line, my first target was as soon as the red line dropped, and i let the other two stay in a bit longer. Here are the charts and the entry orders. So far I'm pleased with this upgrade, that's three days and about $1,200 with only few contracts. I'm not getting too excited yet, i want to see if i can do this for a month and finish in the green most of the days. Buying long seems to be much easier than seeing short entry, but we'll see. Paka
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