I'm getting into this swinging lark!

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I'm getting into this swinging lark!

Hi Folks and yes i know what the majority of people thought when reading the title but unfortunatly that type doesnt pass the wifes approval . Luckily the other type involves making a few quid for her to spend which surprisingly she does approve of.
Right my background, i started looking into spreadbetting via a friend who had had small amounts of success on and off about 5yr ago so opened a Finspreads account and for the first couple of years successfully managed to pay finspreads tea boy an excellent wage. Then decided that buying at the top and selling at the bottom was a skill i had mastered to perfection but couldnt find any way this could be used to my benefit .
So gave up trading/gambleing for some time due to work. After a year or so decided to give it another go and after a while of more losses i joined a trading room which i really enjoyed being in every morning but was finding that as i could only be in it for an hr or so each morning, i was missing out on trades later in the day which on the occasions when we had a bad morning i had to go to work and couldnt recoup my losses untill the following morning but i can recommend room trading to anyone interested in learning alongside guys who are good at trading but due to work i had to give it up as i couldnt get in the room at all.
Which brings me to where i am today. Over the last probably 6mth ive been following threads by Rav700 and intrigued by his trading abilities throughout his threads. Now before the flood of "go post ya adverts somewhere else" posts start appearing on here note im not a new member although ive not posted much on here due to not having much to tell ,what i have posted is about my trading so no need to waste ya fingertips with any clever comments thx.
Right back to what i was saying, around the beginning of March i subscribed to Ravs THREAD about his new trading challenge http://www.trade2win.com/boards/trad...challenge.html and began following his progress from then on and was impressed by his results and put my name down for the begining of the challenge which started at the begining of may although due to work didnt get round to joining till the middle of June.
Now i must admit after my past record of trading the wife wasnt too keen on me giving anymore money away to keep Mr Finspreads in the manner he is accustomed to, So i opened a cfd account with IGMARKETS on the recommendation of Rav (as spreads close out everynight) so that kind of foxed her.
After a few phone calls from Rav i was full of confidence that this is it "This time next year my dear we'll be millionaires!!". I fired another £1000 into the account and with my wife and one or two of my mates laughing and telling me i can kiss that grand goodbye, i awaited my first trade. Now dont get me wrong and many of you will be saying ha its just a signal service youll get an email telling you to short this or buy that its far from it, my first trade was given to me over the phone with the reasoning behind it my entry/sl and where we were looking to take profit and in the coming months the method in which he picks these trades will be taught to myself and the other guys who joined him in his challenge.
Results... well from that trade till now which i think was on the 19th june(and apart from one minor hiccup on my part where i exited wrongly) i havent had a losing trade and my account stands at £2053 as of today after we just exited our e/g long and cable short for another 220 odd quid and thats like 2 and a half weeks. I have looked at my laptop about 5 times and have done most of my trading from off the scaffold at work via my phone.(im a builder) and am up 1168 pips.
Now im hoping the other guys from the club will come on here and confirm my results to prove im not bulls#*+ing as all members are t2w guys.

The reason ive posted this on here is really to prove to people that some guys out there are very skilled at what they do and dont consistently lose money like i mostly did and are also willing to help others do the same.
my Thx go to Rav and i look forward to learning the trading techniques used.
at the minute its a bit set and forget trading and upto now its been spot on but hey if i can make money with no chart watching then thats ok by me for now!

Thx for reading and look forward to hearing from the other guys or anyone really.
2009-07-07-77296.jpg 2009-07-07-77332.jpg
apologies if this history is a bit naff but its a webcam pic as i couldnt get my computer to take a screen shot from my ig account and thats how it comes out.the totals are in yen,usd ,cad and gbp.

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Hi Twohats,

I also followed Rav's Challenge thread on Trade2Win and can testify that he is massively sucessful and I have had many conversations with him where he has explained where the markets are heading and the reasons why with outstanding accuracy.

I take my hat off to him, of cource you can do this twice.



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TWOHATS started this thread Hi Phil
Thx for your post my friend its good to hear from a fellow follower and
helps give a bit of credebitily to my thread cos generally when someone
blows smoke up someone elses a*@e on here they tend to get shot down
with very large guns lol.
I subscribe to a few good threads on here by some very good
traders and enjoy reading them and keeping up to date with their
journals. Hopefully we can start posting a few of our results on here
for other swing traders to compare with and just gives Rav a bit of noteriety for his hard work. I dont feel it does any harm if someone is willing to share his skills with others to blow their trumpet a little.
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Hi Twohats,

My journey in trading is very similar to yours, I started without really having a trading plan and definitely no real discipline I would place trades on the FTSE to rise or short the Dow index without any real reason as to why the trade would go in my direction and invariably it didnít and I would lose money , I moved onto trading shares also with little success.

Since working with Rav who is a Mentor in every sense of the word my trading is improving vastly I get detailed reasons why the particular currency being traded is going in the directionas his analysis predicts, I am up over 1500 pips in only 3 weeks which I could never in the early days even dream of, I will post my statements of these trades when I fathom how to.

I'm looking foorward to Rav's next Challenge starting next week.



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TWOHATS started this thread Well over the last few days we have experienced what swing trading is all about but thx to Ravs phone calls of an evening to clarify what is happening in the market and why its happening it all seemed a bit of a breeze.
Upto this last trade only 1 trade has ever had a drawdown larger than 200 pips and most times entries are pretty accurate within a few pips.(nobodys perfect lol) We shorted cable last week and it popped up thursday friday about 300pips from our entry(although to be honest i didnt realise as when im at work i dont look at the charts and i am 100% confident that Rav will call me and let me know if i need to do anything to my position) so this was our first taste of a decent drawdown. After a chat on the phone Friday Rav was still confident that cable would drop back to test the 6000 level and to just sit tight and leave the position to play out as origionally planned.
Whilst sat putting ridge tiles on a roof today I got a call from Rav to tell me my trade was in profit and to move my s/l to BE as he had a feeling it might retrace before hitting the 6000 target. He called a while later to let me know our stop had been hit at BE and cable was back up at the 6170 mark so all is good still and with our 100%win rate still in tact we are now awaiting an entry at a better price.
Imust admit though had i been sat at home all day chart watching i would probably of been nipping my a#*e cheeks a bit when down 300 pips but i am 100% confident in every trade we enter that our target will be reached and it helps to know a bit about the reasons why.(and to not look at charts lol).
So onwards and upwards and am now sat awaiting our next entry with cable now at the 6230 area so a good call to exit when we did.
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Glad to hear you're making money.

I can't seem to find Rav's entry methodology, stop size and money management ideas in his thread. Can you summarise, please?
The markets can stay solvent longer than you can stay irrational.
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Hi Twohats,

I was in the very same Cable short as yourself and was ably guided through it by Rav, I think it builds great strength into your trading to see a currency trade go up to 300 pionts against you and to stick with it, Rav has filled me with so much confidence his methods are fantastic for anyone looking for a mentor who can guide them sucessfully through trades.


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Hi alll
I also took Ravs challenge afew months ago, and thought id give swing trading a try after following his journal. After reading the guidelines and being guided by Rav on what to do and what not to do the challenge started.
This was a live account i was trading, and followed the signals as and when they came from Rav.
At the end of the month i had gained an impressive £1k on by account trading £1pp. Less stress, less time at the PC and easy work.
Mind you with swing trading you have larger stops than intraday trading, but thats expected, a slight drawdown here n there, which didnt worry me as Rav was guiding on what to do and what to expect and when to adjust stops and targets.
I have learnt alot from Rav, and feel alot more confident in placing swing trades.
I shall try and post my live statement whn i can get round to it.
And a big thanks to Rav. Nice 1!!
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