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Tenterfield Saddler


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Hi Julian,
Please forgive the flippancy of my post but, I can't help wondering, what is the 'cake frill' beneath the chart in your first post #4?
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Originally Posted by chump
"....very quickly? were we in a race?" ..no, it's simply descriptive of what you chose to do first.

"Be clear on this one truth; no one but no one, ever, does anything but for themselves first......"

So what is the exchange when a parent gives his life to keep safe his family ?
Survival of his genes to the next and subsequent generations, perhaps, albeit at an instinctive, automatic level. Even where the recipient is no direct relation,a religious person will expect to be rewarded in the next life. An atheist may consider that we live on in the memory of others, if so then what more memorable an action is possible.
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Re: Tenterfield Saddler

Gaucho and Nelson started this thread research clearly shows and athletes clearly understand that picturing and rehearsing in 'downtime' keeps the brain poised and the brain may not distinct between actual events and those purposely rehearsed......


www . chartgame . com

frankly, the indicia part is of far less use than the understanding of price levels, areas of transaction, where transacting attracted the most/least volume and how prior activity has drawn 'size' players to interact at those important price levels.....the important thing to remember when approaching any "technical analysis" is that indicia looks backwards and mathematically extrapolates forward, so, "x" periods ago may concern traders who are not trading now, in other words, the more you focus on the reason for transacting at the various price levels (not always support and resistance) the more likely you are focused on the correct reason for that transacting rather than a mathematical distortion of what might-be.....

if youre serious about trading, the last few years have shown, inclusive of most instruments, that a buy and hold strategy is a luxury of the last century, where you could hide behind buying at the wrong time and just wait or you could be wrong with bogus indicators and still win.....

......perfect practise makes perfect......maybe, some practise that costs time alone is an advantage over no practise at all.....imo

yes, breaking the bars down to lower time frames obviously assists in entrance/exits ....and too much data can overload....an overall focus and gaining a "sense" of zones of activity that size is transacting and then transact with that direction

where's my other journal....hmmmmm

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Re: Tenterfield Saddler


.................................................. .................................................. .............................everything has an art.......
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Re: Tenterfield Saddler

Originally Posted by Gaucho and Nelson View Post
(not always support and resistance)
Thanks for presenting the essentials of transaction based alignment
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Re: Tenterfield Saddler

Gaucho and Nelson started this thread thanks superfly

i journaled this one as part of the "walk-away" trades

in the ftse

this weeks end would see bulk of cme local pit traders go flat coinciding with quad witch so stands to reason most other desks would too so opportunities to take the walk-away trade look rife for the taking (where avail to fill in for the time period when there's no income generation)

ftse open with extremely tight range and no real open sell/long plays and the sells/sell pressures seem to take longer than is usual for the ftse and that was the first hint that today is a diff ball game.....looks like a fake head down, overlapping bars as price comes back into w/a price range, taking too long to break, what are we waiting for?? who's in play today? i cant think that the major players have gone already.....another fake-down bar is quickly covered calling for a long at 86's.... taken..... an inverted bell curve is under way, gap-up, no resistance, no transactioning, starts to gather pace and the relative time taken is now way too fast compared to the time since the open..... then stalls.... i think of the target i mark from the open....ah, yes, of course, 5900, nice round number, sellers would join in...... retries, stalls out and calls for an exit on the second lower bar, that means, i think i should take this first stall and watch.....the questions are instant; how come an abnormal open with what looks like fake moves and j curve up, with no resistance, at easy pace and then a stall after all the energy is spent....i think that the fake moves arent fake at all and they are probably a gather of supply allowing for retailers to open sell for instant squeez.....i think about the time of the day and week and year, with this type and size move is just wrong to me with a roundish number to be hit....so i take the exit...but then i ask, if this is a practised move to allow long pos to be excised then that means a downside play is at least likely to bring price back into todays launch pos and with the completion of the second bar down from the high i open a sell and wait allowing for a 3 point stop ....an impulsive sell comes....its very fast, likely a news prompt but i wasnt aware that there was any "value" news to be released so i consider this is the real set-up that using a release as the trigger and the j curve was the double set-up (not to close open longs but to allow for sells to open) ..... i look to buy back at the 5885 level as that is typically a magnet being the launch point (what i now determin to be a fake)....under the asupices of elliott i also know that a break of the 5882 means a considerable points move below is likely to occur in the same session...the speed surprised me so i wait once the sell close is filled and i decide that i can risk to retake and open a short at where the initial sells take place, just below the high, allowing for 6 point stop....await to close the second open sell at the original launch area but price does not catch any bids, no resistance downside, which calls to leave the open sell and use the launch pos as a stop....price gets to 5880 and finds the transactions, so i wait for a test of supply and price chops into 5875 so i close half but test of supply doesnt seem to have occured not in the way i would expect to see it so i lower the stop for the remaining pos.......5882 being the low of the fake launch bar.....test of supply comes, at least, i think its the test...keeping in mind that a complete 3 sigma move has just taken place (from an inside high to low point of view) so set a buy back at 5870 as that is basically an equal distance from the launch point on the low side as it is from the high side.....price breaks easily to and through 5870 and i think about the major wedge i saw in the weekly view of the ftse and consider re-opening the sell and just then transactioning occurs, bids come ....i consider that today has been good and that the current move is so wide that i should just watch....the move doesnt eventually stall until 5858 and then the majors have done their duty, no size buys no size sells.....looks like, feels like a closing play....it was also an impulsive selling move and is bound to set-up a sell into january if a new high cant be taken over the next three weeks....coincidentally i took a sell on the euro because the previous few days had a plastic look to the transactioning....

set-ups are set-ups and i know that a lot of people think its bubcus, this reasoning, but, with history being history, well, it's in the price, the story of auctioning....isnt it?.....

i mainly like to journalise these rarities because they are quite marvellous and a lot of thought and energy must go into them...their should be a play book for them somewhere....but i'm not the one to write it ....

a j curve, with no opposition, out of a congestion, last day of week, last part of the year....yeah, that's true-blue bull****

acknowledgements to mister marcus for past conversations that led to this play
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Re: Tenterfield Saddler

Gaucho and Nelson,

Thanks for your analysis.
The long action is a slam dunk if you know what your doing,
I would have gone short once (maybe twice) on the early openig action beeing aware that there is some bagage the market had to go through before it could freefall.
I would be content with break even results on the short(s) since they had minimal followthrough.
(Down move lacked conviction, so it might go up, Lets see .. Its time to train to stay away of the obvious mediocer plays more frequent)

Im extremely selective and critical of what I watch .. since too much data can overload..

2 Q:
1-what (time)fractals do you use?
2-next time could you place prices on the left side of your char?
So its easier to follow the levels you mention in your post since.
Im not familiar with the ftse, since only look at and trade CL futures.

Maybe just for your info or amusment:

What type of fractalization of price would be most benefitial ror reading the:
A-CL dominant Bias Levels, Phase and Direction.
B-timing of [A] alined CL brakeouts or turns (based on CL and 2 intermarkets).
C-CL levels for entry past turninpoint and trailling.

After many reflections Im happy to exploit 3 charts
a] CL constant volume
b] CL (+2intermarket) constant time
c[ CL constant range.

My tailormade Clearview. Its art...

Fine hollidays for you and mr.marcus

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