Uk Junior Trader - let's build an empire

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Uk Junior Trader - let's build an empire

Hi all, new to trading forums. Typically either working on my 2JZ supra or in the gym. I'm a mechanical engineer from England.

Since being career motivated also, and building turbine blades for jet engines across Europe (currently in Paris as I write this) I've been collection finances and enjoying the work it earns itself within the UK market.

Being based in the UK I have more history in the news and markets, finding it much easier to gather information so stick with the UK.

My current portfolio is spread across gas, oil, exploration of the both. I'm watching solar energy for the South West of the UK, as I've seen some awesome reports on the progress of this industry, but there isn't much movement on the marketplace, so perhaps a long term investment.

I'll be referencing against as this lists great RNS posts and their front page per stock is a great overview (let me know if this is against the rules). I use for 90% of my comparison information. Aside from researching the company or looking for news this seem's to cover a huge amount of the data companies list, charts and other great RNS feeds. It also has a forum board per stock on the basic page.

I've just started using Bloomberg for stock information also. Any opinion's on this?

I'm really excited about Sound Oil and Independent Resources. I'm following growth of other companies due to research and how I feel they can grow. I feel I try and aim my profit margin around the confidence in the medium term growth of the company.

Right now I'm holding for the following:
AFC - AFC Energy PLC
AST - Ascent Resources
BOIL - Baren Oil
IRG - Independant Resources
MXO - MX Oil
SOU - Sound Oil
XTR - Xtract Resources Plc

So for now, this is where I'm at. I've had a couple of different tumbles which has had leverage from other stocks move to even the balance. This has worked out well. For now, I'm holding.

Profit margins set at 15%. Aiming for 10% plus fee's covered. I'm looking for short-medium term holdings. Not day trading, but the only long term is Sound Oil as there seem's so much great work going on deep in their portfolio right now.

Being similar markets (if not the same), I'm going to try and write a small weekly update on the companies and where they are heading. Opinions on the choices would be great. I'm new to coverage like this, and opinions would be great. I'm not day trading, however I follow the stocks hourly for changes to catch the markets when such an opportunity arises. Though I do have limits set in case I miss them.

Trading on Halifax stock holders. Not a super technical platform, or even in-depth. The research unit seems fairly decent, but it's just a bit clunky for me. So I'm sticking with other sources.

I haven't set any stop losses, yet. I'm unsure where to go on this. I should consider this over the next week.

Thanks! Noz.

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Week 29 Review

Noz started this thread Click the image to open in full size.

So, my first weekly review of my holdings.

Xtract Resources Plc have had a great week, a fresh RNS on 15th July helped the days of blue increase towards higher progression. This company seems to also have Great reviews about it's current CEO's and supporting staff. All in all, this seems a worth investment mid term.

MX Oil shows steady progression through positive RNS feed's and a growth on the SP in the past six months. Around 15 May the market was unsure about the confidence in the expansion news publications, slowly down the bubble of fast growth. The company now shows firm output of production, and this week shows it's holding it's ground back on form with growth and SP performance.

Sound Oil recently had a networking meeting with a forum poster and their CEO, James Parsons. The company has had a huge amount of publicity from the extreme growth its had and with it the sudden expectation of great results. This shows news has a much greater impact on the SP. With any issue in company performance the SP seems heavily affected. The market is keen for positive RNS results, and news predicts show with a positive RNS due at any time, this SP really could be a winning ticket. The company has a huge cash balance availible for projects, and with low overheads projects are just waiting for investment. There is possibly talk of a re-brand once the SP hits a goal marker, after which there is consideration of a take over. Do your own research for technical details.

Independant Resources has numberous projects awaiting feedback on the exploration. News gives talk of a product output soon, with everyone eaglerly waiting an RNS relating to product output. This company has got me questioning it's direction moving forward, as it doesn't seem so forth giving with project data.

Baren Oil in June had their rating set to 220p by Cantor Fitzgerald, not bad considering it's close on 17th was 80p. The company is affected however by the worldwide oil flucations. Hopefully, this company can continue with it's positive projects and the SP will adjust from it's 3 month trend and return to higher grounds, as per the SP 12 months ago.

AFC Energy Plc are really making grounds this year. From a SP in May of 8.88p to a close 17th July of 58p, this SP has risen more than 600% in less than 4 months. A worthy investment for any investor. I'm really keen to be involved in energy companies. I feel investing in real estate and further in solar power, is something I wish to aim for. So my stock holdings reflect my interest in the market. Solar energy for example in the SoutWest of the UK (home sweet home) has taken off, even though Sales marketing careers say otherwise. The 2014 progress report on renewable energy SW caught my eye, however, the 2015 progress report as seen here, shows this isn't a tiny success story and the yearly trend is positive growth in the Solar industry. AFC energy are showing us the way forward with energy being a huge growth market.

Ascent Resources is a company I have followed for over ten years. But never invested in, until now (sadly). The long term growth of the company is strong, but I hope to attempt to take advantage of it's volitaile nature during its steady growth upwards. Over the past few years, this company hasn't had positive SP growth. The highest risk of this share, is the lack of general long term growth. This company seems to have good and bad news so here's to hoping the company can provide output on a short term 10%.

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Well put together Noz. This is a million miles from what we normally read here so you can definitely qualify as a specialist in this sector and a local expert on these picks.

Reminds me of Jim Slater's approach as in The Zulu Principle but he went into the financials a bit more heavily than your summaries above - because of his own background I am sure. Are you familiar with the book?
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Noz started this thread
Originally Posted by tomorton View Post
Well put together Noz. This is a million miles from what we normally read here so you can definitely qualify as a specialist in this sector and a local expert on these picks.

Reminds me of Jim Slater's approach as in The Zulu Principle but he went into the financials a bit more heavily than your summaries above - because of his own background I am sure. Are you familiar with the book?
Thanks Tomorton. Yes I've landed it into my GoodReads to-read folder. I got excited and have so many books to get through, some non-stock also.

Thank's for the great feedback. I felt I wanted to lay down some general history and feel for each stock before I got into technical comparison data. I was hoping to use the following weeks progress as a start for discussing where the companies are moving forward, and where they have been.

If you think his approach is similar, perhaps I need to jump the book queue and have a read.
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Week 30 Review

Noz started this thread The end of week 30. I have just finished my six month working period in Paris, looking forward to returning to England next week.

So, we have had an interesting week this week in the Oil & Gas sector. I'm going to introduce an eighth company from a completely new sector, that I am considering investing it.

Let's begin.

Xtract Resources Plc has been quiet. An Rns posted To an update of director dealings on 22nd July. With a close last week of .29, and a finish today of .27 we can see there's not any real movement on this. The share price has been very active yet the spread remains the same ad the SP doesn't steer far from the general price. Hopefully next week shall hold some progress on next, though there is no published details about scheduled company updates.

Sound Oil has some positive news on 16th July; Sound Oil to Begin Commercial Production from Nervesa Well.

"Expected to commence shortly". CEO JP quotes "First commercial gas at Nervesa will be a significant milestone for the Company..."

This was good to hear. Did it affect the SP in the long term? Afraid not. An RNS regarding warrants, states they can be excited at 24p. Good news, they are in the system and now the investors wait their time.

Source found on a board posting, however the content does seem valid:news regarding the sale of some shares from the CEO published on the 17th July. This seems to have mixed opinions, but then his personal affairs will always be judged being at that level. The article also mentions:
"It has interests in approximately 18 licences in Italy: 3 production concessions, 7 permits and 8 exclusive permit applications."
Further project listing also mentioned for those not in the know.

Still backing this company. Feeling positive about their progression forward.

Independant Resources had a few director deals during the week. Forum investors jumped for joy as visually director deals seems personal investments. However it seems that these deals were payment in leu. Still, a positive sign to opt for a reinvest regardless. AGM meeting earlier in the week showed all targets were met. The SP temporarily over 1 week is 0.05 down. Hopefully project news soon.

"Junior oil exploration stocks that can be major risers for investors". Very informing article, on junior oil exploration sector. This was on an Australian forum, but the article should consider this industry is a global market.

Baren Oil had a nice 3.15% spike after the RNS giving details of their puru expadition. As well as waiting for £3.5 million in payments for agreed projects, Baron has had a small hold up on the Nancy site, which has resulted in request for extension to prevent overall site revenue.

AFC Energy Plc had it's CEO contract renewed on 17th July giving Adam Bond some more time at the helm. Adam shortly after received 250,000 shares on 23rd July. Connected with the contract renewal no doubt. A Peter Stephens, a source for Motley Fool posted an article on his top 3 shares in the AIM market, including AFC. Providing the company has had a 468% rise in growth this year, I can safely say I'm backing this company too.

Ascent Resources has been a tricky investment for me. Since the success of project permit for Petišovci, 35% SP rise 24th June, I've been unaware of an RNS relating to any project. I've been unsure about the direction of AST since the RNS regarding their debt reconstruction to EnQuest PLC. At this point mid week, I temporarily pulled my money to see how the dust settles.

Today, the fruits of nerves came into flower. The latest RNS gives details of referral of its Petišovci site permit. A lose of 25% on the SP. Which, it must be noted, leaves it still higher than it was before the notification of this Petišovci site exactly 1 month ago. With a 1yr return of -62% this company does not show good statistical justification for investment. Daily traders may be able to take advantage of the volatile nature. For now, I won't be re-investing and thank my judgement mid-week.

Proton Power is my hidden potential investment opportunity! Watch this space!
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Not currently invested in Sound Oil (although I was earlier this year and got out with a few quid), but also have heard good things - which may of course all be lies... but I'm keeping an eagle on on it and think maybe it's worth a punt if/when energy/Oil bottoms. Although why it's called Sound Oil when they are all about natural gas just boggles me!?

I'll second @tomortons comments, bloody good introduction, and even though small/mid cap oil/energy stocks are a certain route to the poorhouse I also live in hope of a multi-bagger so I'm now following this thread mention of other retail favourites likes Gulf Keystone, Ophir Engery, Victoria Oil & Gas ?
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interesting and well researched - what technicals do you use Noz ?
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By chance, currently reading Taleb's The Black Swan - he mentions some stocks that have the potential for positive black swans - oil explorers must surely be included in that group.
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