phd method of daytrading

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phd method of daytrading

Anyone heard of the phd method of daytrading?
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Polishing, hoovering and dusting? I think you'll find that's the way women trade. Get out the Mr Sheen, spray the bookcase, go long Dow, get out the Dyson, close the long for a profit, get out the duster, place a short on the Dow, finish the dusting, and cover the short for a nice juicy profit.

Seriously though, I haven't heard of that, so it would be interesting to find out
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Sounds too near to home to me. PhD's and daytrading don't mix believe me
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Having seen your profile TopicIQ I see that you are the originator
of the website Are you trying to drum up business for your system? I am unaware whether advertising is allowed on these forums, directly or indirectly!
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Palpitating, hesitating and dithering - I understand that this is a method of day trading .
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TopIQ started this thread Results so far using the PHD METHOD IN AUG:

1AUG FTSE SHORT 4130 4198 +32 Points
1AUG DOW SHORT 9174 9145 +29 Points
1AUG DOW SHORT 9173 9151 +22 Points
4AUG FTSE LONG 4105 4130 +25 Points
4AUG DOW SHORT 9097 9055 +42 Points
5AUG FTSE SHORT 4091 4088 +3 Points
5AUG FTSE LONG 4117 4125 +8 Points
5AUG DOW SHORT 9124 9120 +4 Points
5AUG DOW SHORT 9123 9052 +71 Points
6AUG FTSE SHORT 4067 4047 +20 Points
6AUG FTSE SHORT 4076 4056 +20 Points
6AUG DOW LONG 9064 9087 +23 Points
6AUG DOW LONG 9067 9107 +40 Points
7AUG DAX SHORT 3330 3310 +20 Points
8AUG FTSE LONG 4118 4142 +24 Points
8AUG DAX LONG 3344 3356 +12 Points
11AUG DOW LONG 9221 9246 +25 Points
12AUG DOW LONG 9260 9294 +34 Points
13AUG FTSE SHORT 4203 4178 +25 Points
14AUG FTSE LONG 4206 4235 +29 Points
18AUG FTSE SHORT 4251 4255 -4 LOSS
18AUG DOW LONG 9394 9411 +17 Points
20AUG FTSE SHORT 4238 4221 +17 Points
21AUG DAX LONG 3524 3540 +16 Points
21AUG DOW LONG 9472 9453 -19 LOSS
22AUG FTSE LONG 4231 4259 +28 Points
22AUG DOW SHORT 9470 9418 +52 Points

"If you want to know the secret of making money in the stock market, it is this: KILL YOUR LOSSES. Never let a stock run against you more than three-quarters of a point, but if it goes your way, let it run. Move your stops up behind it so that it will have room to fluctuate and move higher"
Old E. H. Harriman 1912

Follow a real pro on twitter...Uniquestocks.
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So far using no particular method at all.... ( except my SECRET one that everyone knows about:-

4th Aug Dow long 141
5th Aug DS 123
6th Aug DL 112
8th Aug DL 33
13th Aug DS 32
14th Aug DL 97
18th Aug DL 68
19th Aug DS 73 + DL 64
21st Aug DL 55 + DS 104
22nd Aug DS 131

Plus a few more here and there.

I can't see why someone would pay anyone when they can get an edge right here for free...
This is NOT a free BB for touting wares. If you wish to publish your method for free, along with your results, then that's a different matter.
The views expressed here are my personal views and for your information only. Any expression of likely movement of a share is merely guesswork and is to be treated as such.This information must NOT be used as a basis for making any investment decision.
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