phd method of daytrading

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Why on earth would ANYONE really sell a system that works? think about it , "system that works". Those last three words. If you had a system that worked, would you really sell it? Would you really run the risk of every nobrainer buying the system and then front running the signals, constantly undercutting each other trying to get in and out before the rest of the followers got in and out???? Would you really sell it for $100 or $1,000 or $10,000 a time? You'd sell it once, for a serious sum of money, and NEVER sell it again. Think about it guys, logically. There is no easy way to making money. Simple.

To paraphrase an old trading quote " How to make money? that's easy give me 5 minutes. I'll teach you that you buy when the market's low, and sell when the markets high. Now give me 5 years, and I'll teach you how to know when the market is low, and when it's high."
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I beg to differ, I developed a strategy based on buy high sell even higher and sell low and buy back even lower that returned £4.2M over 18 years from 1984 to 2001 with a starting bank of only £10K and have attached the results on another thread months ago.

The theory being buy strenghth and sell weakness.


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I beg to differ aswell,

I have trial versions of two commodity trading systems that have returned over 30% per annum net over 20 years each. They also buy strength and sell weakness.

They both win between 30-40% of the time and are diversified portfolios. When they win they tend to win big.

I also have code for an oscillator called PGO (Pretty Good Oscillator) that trades using a 2 or 3 ATR breakout above a 89 simple MA. Simply exit the trade when the 89 MA is again crossed. It is very simple yet very very effective when combined with money management. i.e. $20,000 to multi-millionaire in < 10 years.

Mail me if you want an spreadsheet.

Will it continue to work? I think so due to the nature of commodities as opposed to indices. All trend following systems tend to work but you need balls of steel to trade them. For example the average annual drawdown for Aberration (a very good system) is nearly the same as the average annual return. At present it's well down this year.

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Agree with you Trader 333

"trend is your friend until after the Bend" etc etc

If you are are trading long term postions, anything other than going with the trend is very difficult.

picking the top or bottom in a stock is to try and pick 1 day in say 2-3 years or longer in that stocks trend. What are the odds of doing that ? Like picking the ace of clubs out of a pack, only 10 times worse.

Think there was a quote in Reminecences of a Stock Operator about the money wasted picking tops and bottoms being able to build a highway east to west coast.
Markets can be beaten, but not all the time
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hello anybody tell me how to calculate Phd metod
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Re: phd method of daytrading

Originally Posted by amittamakuwala View Post
hello anybody tell me how to calculate Phd metod

28x^4y^7z^3 over 42x^3y^8z^5 Times what time Ben Bernanke goes to bed.
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