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Nothing about learning to trade is quick
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Technical analysis foresees future price movements depending on the previous price shifts. It studies market psychology to predict what is likely to happen mainly through graphic presentations. This article will introduce the basics of technical analysis. To fully understand technical analysis you might want to visit this site
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Technical analysis is subjective , the beauty of it "IS IN THE EYE OF THE ANYLYST" , but there is no t/a method that will work for all , if any method will work consistently.

Technical analysis is read with biases and beliefs and is subject to cognitive processing errors of t/a.

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TA doesn't work therefore


[B]TA is 80% Junk. No question.

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What are ‘Essentials’ Stickies?
Welcome to the Essentials Of Technical Analysis Sticky. Stickies are threads that are ‘stuck’ to the top of a forum index. They contain information about the forum you’re in that is of critical or ongoing value - hence the ‘Essentials’ name. If there is anything missing from this ‘Essentials’ Sticky, or if there is content that is incorrect or misleading, please contact timsk, T2W Content Manager and, all being well, it will be amended.

What is Technical Analysis (TA) and does it Work? - Post #2
Technical analysis, commonly referred to as ‘TA’, is part science and part art. John Murphy, author of the book that many regard as the bible on TA, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, defines it as “the study of market action, primarily through the use of charts, for the purpose of forecasting future price trends”. For the most part, ‘market action’ refers to the movement of price, but can include volume (i.e. the number of shares or contracts traded) and time.

TA is a highly contentious subject, resulting in fierce debate and accusations that it no longer works – if it ever did. Many fundamental investors have been sceptical about TA for a long time; some even dismiss it as hocus pocus. Yet, seemingly, some traders swear by it, claiming to make consistent profits simply by following the basic principles that underpin it. In the next post, TA will be examined in detail, along with some of the misconceptions that new traders have about it. The aim of the Sticky is to give you an insight into the principles behind TA – and to provide links for further research - in order that you may decide for yourself whether or not it’s something that might work for you. If you think that it could, and are wondering where to start, consider the ’10 Point TA Plan’ at the end of this Sticky. It’s structured to help you to explore the topic in a logical way and to ensure that you soak up the basics as quickly as possible.

Other Resources on T2W & Beyond - Post #3
There are some great resources regarding technical analysis beyond the walls of this forum. In post #3, you will find useful links to other areas of T2W and beyond, with a short précis about each one.

I want to start Trading, can anyone suggest me step by step guidance for Technical Analysis??
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