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This is a discussion on All About Trendlines within the Technical Analysis forums, part of the Methods category; Our esteemed FTSEbeater has written: "Trendlines work because everyone sees them and know that the next time price hits that ...

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All About Trendlines

Our esteemed FTSEbeater has written:
"Trendlines work because everyone sees them and know that the next time price hits that level, a reversal should happen, so they either rush to buy or sell depending if it is an uptrend or downtrend."

That's my understanding too. I know that if the price is trending up after a BO, I won't buy until it comes down very near to or touching the trendline. (and the opposite for a downtrend) It seems there really is no other safe entry point. I haven't had many successful trading days - but the few times I did, horizontal Support and Resistance 'S&R' and Trendlines 'TL''s both figured strongly in my decisions.

I've heard other folks say this is complete hogwash. For instance Sulong and Dbphoenix are looking at charts on this thread
and our extremely esteemed dbp says *again* that TLs do not provide support or resistance.

Anyone want to discuss the hows and whys of TLs? Are they just coincidental, or do they provide tradeable information?

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Originally Posted by JumpOff
our extremely esteemed dbp says *again* that TLs do provide support resistance.
Make that "do not" . . .

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JumpOff started this thread dang it. You can spell check all day, but it won't fix your completely missing typos!
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You only have to look at a channel (a channel is nothing more than a set of trendlines), whether they be flat, heading up or down, to see the phenomenon.

It is the very existence of (i.e. the fact you can visually identify) the channel that pinpoints S & R levels. The channel IS the S &R levels.

Of course, not all S & R levels are channels or trends. There are many other factors that will establish S &R levels. For instance, previous Highs & Lows in various timeframes will establish useful S & R levels.

To press the point, even a single (but well used) MA such as the 5, 14, 22, 50 or 200 period etc will serve to act as potential S or R precisely because so many traders treat them as such.

You can pick pretty much any chart at random an observe this effect.
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Sorry guys,

After much study, I'm with dbp on this.

S & R is buying and selling, therefore only price matters, not a line or MA. If all traders used the same MA or lines then there could be preceived S&R, but they don't.

In the majority of cases, its the prices to the left that are significant to traders( how many are up and how many are down, enough to cause a major exodus ?) and therefore influence S & R.

However where these levels and a trendline cross, can give extra confirmation. OTOH where S or R is found before a TL, this also gives you information relating to trend change and strength.

But the great one isn't always right, he can't be, and somewhere somehow I'll prove him wrong.

Someday, maybe,

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OK Porks, no point beating this one to death, but all I'm saying is if we treat Support and Resistance as potential areas for a pause or reversal or continuation (yes, I know I'm covering the entire range of possibilities) - which is how I treat/trade them - then a trendline does serve the purpose of defining S & R. Even a wobbly trendline we call an MA.

If there's an uptrending line which the price has 'bumped' off, retraced from and risen up to meet again more than a couple of times, isn't that potentially tradeable information?

I think maybe the problem some folk have is in their 'need' for S & R to exist ONLY at fixed horizontal price levels rather than to consider them as a potentially dynamic phenomenon.

But just because I choose this perspective or interpretation and manage to trade it successfully, doesn't mean anyone else can or will. I accept that.
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Beats me how anyone who studies charts with any regularity can fail to see that trnedlines provide support and resistance. Every time? No. But then what in trading works everytime. But that's just my observation, they work for me and that's all I care about. As u say no point in beating it to death.
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