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Angry Lycos free charts

Anybody else using the Lycos free Live charts?

If so, have you had increasing problems with the page disappearing,ie being cut off, with the message that the server has been reset. This has been getting worse, and today in particular was very bad.

From what I can make out, it seems the goalposts may have been changed, as at the top of the charts it says, this is a demo. And further states it is only for 14 days.

Up till now have had no probs. with free live charts, but am wondering if they are trying to get everyone to pay for one of their packages instead.
Any views appreciated.
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I subscribed to livecharts for about a year (1999-2000). Back then, the only technical difference between subscribing and not subscribing was that you had 3 sizes of chart to choose from.

Reliability did not improve with a subscription. It would still frequently disconnect/lag.

I expect nothing's changed. I still like the quick & easy access of livecharts. If only they could make it reliable.
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Old Apr 21, 2003, 10:50pm   #3
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I haven't used Livecharts in a long time so can't comment on its reliability, but I have just received an email informining I only have 14 days left of my free trial
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I'm not one to moan at others penny pinching, but,........ surely the low cost of Sierra Charts can be afforded by all to get reliable professional charts? It has to be worth it just to relieve the aggrovation of unreliability.Surely you want something you can rely on? What if your trading platform behaved this way?
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Old Apr 22, 2003, 11:26am   #5
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It never ceases to amaze me how some people are prepared to throw hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds into the stock market, yet appear far too stingy to pay for the tools needed to trade, ie a feed!

LiveCharts costs $9.95 per month (yes, just £6.33) plus real time exchange fees ($1 per month for each US stock exchange, ie 65p).

If you want to do a job, you need tools. As ChartMan says, you can always go for Sierra charts from and that will cost you around £36 per month.

If anyone cannot afford to buy the tools for the job, perhaps they shouldn't be trading?
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Lycos -Thanks for help

mercury7 started this thread Thanks AC1 for your positive comments regarding Lycos, much apprreciated. Am thinking of going for their $20 p,m option, and see if it is more reliable.
As you say mmillar, if you have received an e-mail telling you that your 14 days is up, it confirms what I thought, that their system has changed.

Thanks skimbleshanks-NOT- for your unhelpful and rude contribution, my question was simple and to the point, and directed at people who use this Lycos service.
I trust that when I reach the dizzy heights of being able to afford direct access trading or perhaps understand Level2 trading, I will not put people down who know less than myself.
I have found so far all the members on this board most helpful - excluding you.
If I shouldn't be trading, perhaps you should not be writing messages!
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Old Apr 22, 2003, 4:10pm   #7
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OH !!!!!!!! I Think that last post was uncalled for KEVIN ( would it not have been better for you to ask Skim to give the details of the $9.95 feed instead of the $20 one that you are thinking of going for )
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