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I don't think anyone should be posting personal trading records on a public board. The fact is that some good traders would make lousy trainers and some good trainers would make lousy traders. There's much more to trading than just a sound methodology.

Profitable trading starts with a good method, sure, but much more important than that is the psychology of trading. If you taught the same method to 20 people and got them to trade it over a year I bet you would have 20 different results at the end. Some would quit after the first loss, some would try to tinker with it, others would just completely balls the entries and exits up. Everyone's different. As Newtron said, he used Mr Charts ideas in this own trading methods. I doubt there is anyone who actually gets the exact same results as Mr Charts does.

There are a lot of member of this site who have trained with Mr Charts, thanks to his smart marketing on this board (but we won't go there!) and I have only read good things about it. If you really think you need some training then that has to be the best recommendation.

My advice, though, would be to do your own homework, learn your own lessons and own your system. But that takes time, hard work and a lot of money. So why do that, when you think that an expert will be able to tell you all you need to know in one day for 500?
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BlairLogie. You are quite right. As T2W is promoting this course, Whatever they say, including myself and other mods, should be taken at face value. Those that have known me from old, will know that I try to impart impartial advice or opinions. I don't think, however, that T2W is "trying to cash in on Newbies". I think this course would NOT be suitable for a Newbie...This site has been down a long road of discovery and today we see it turning towards a self sustaining financial venture. To that end, it has to derive income. Yes, T2W is taking a cut. The income roadmap has been laid out such that there can be no more freebie advertising, or discrete hints.....
Hasn't this thread been done to death now? I think we've all had our pound of flesh.
The views expressed here are my personal views and for your information only. Any expression of likely movement of a share is merely guesswork and is to be treated as such.This information must NOT be used as a basis for making any investment decision.
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are you saying the courses are not for Newbies in order to remove your responsibility - who else but a Newbie is gonna take the course ??? and no one has stated that the courses are not for Newbies before to my knowledge - when i was trolled to get me to go on these courses - it was specific that i was being offered help as the trainers thought i was a Newbie

earn money from advertising, sponsorship etc etc from reputable companies - and make a profit from this site so it makes sense - and rewards the work put into it

but not from taking Newbies to the cleaners by allowing unproven individuals the credibility of being associated with the site and even being associated with the other advertisers on the site who by association also add credibility to the site
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It seems to me that a lot of people out there still think there's some magic formula where you get stinking rich overnight.
There ain't
But as long as the dream is there there'll be courses for the mugs and unsuspecting.
As already posted, do your homework first, decide how you'd like to trade and then see which course, if any, you may gain from.
Having followed this board for a while, it seems like a decent set up, and my opinion is that Naz and Mr. Charts have good low risk entry points.
Whether you can utilise their expertise is another question.

Happy trading
Every market has a bottom, every bottom has a hole in it.
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Come on lads, the horse has been well and truly flogged!

Anybody know any good jokes?
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well said BOY .. Lets all get on with trading techniques..
I am sitting here waiting MO to fall to 45.86 or even better 45.75 but just saw the VWAP .. The vwap is 45.92 low of the day is 45.31 so No trade

Better move on to find another opportunity .. DOW is not moving can some one from this BB kick the b*gger
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