NYSE vs LSE for UK swing trader

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NYSE vs LSE for UK swing trader

Hi all,

This is my first post on this site so be kind :-)

Iím just curious how many people in the UK regularly swing trade on the US markets with a US broker like Charles Schwab?

I ask this because there seems to be some advantages to trade on the NYSE compared to the LSE. I mean, there appears to me to be more liquidity in the NYSE with very tight spreads, and of course no SDRT to pay. The SDRT may not be much to many traders but I have a little less than £10k to invest and the 05% for every trade adds up. Sometimes this is the difference between making a profit or a loss.

At least having a US broker account means my capital is converted to dollars only once and stays that way for trading. Being as the dollar is currently weak, my capital will most likely grow when the dollar gets stronger. Another advantage is the US markets donít open until 2:30pm GMT which is ideal for me as I can do my regular work and get back in time for trading. It also lets me see how the same sectors Iím interested in are doing on the LSE first. They donít always mirror, but itís a good indicator.

Because of this I have been looking to open a US account with Charles Schwab, who for an opening balance of $10k allows free access to their trading platform and high quality research. Flat trading fee might be slightly higher than many other US brokers, but itís still comparable to what I pay my broker (X-O) here in the UK.

So Iím sitting here with my completed Schwab One International account form and the W-8BEN, but undecided if I should make the jump. To me it looks like itís a no-brainer, yet I keep asking myself if Iím missing something here, am I?

Any feedback on anyone doing this or has opened a Schwab One International account would be appreciated.


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Hello mate,

I tarde US stocks and have a US broker called 'track data' who integrate with a trading platform called 'Planner' (formerly mytrack). I'm assuming you've already setup a US broker account given this thread is old.

Me and few friends trade the S&P500 and S&P1500 on a regular basis and meet up at least once a month to discuss potential trades etc. Are you trading US stocks and how successful have you been so far?


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Burnt_toast started this thread Hi Fraz,

Only just noticed there was a reply to my post I made some time ago. Even so I thought I would reply.

I did eventually go ahead with opening the Charles Schwab account, and to be honest I havenít looked back. Took a while to get used to using their platform and the differences in trading on the NYSE.

To keep things simple I kept with buying and selling equities in the financial sector like I did on the LSE. To date my realized gain is a healthy 48% (down from 51% a few weeks ago) My plan is to keep my portfolio as it currently stands until Brexit is triggered, after which Iíll sell (hopefully between 70-80%) and convert my funds back into Sterling.


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I guess messages in a bottle would be a faster way of communication :-)
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