Which Should I trade - Stocks, Futures or Forex etc.?

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Originally Posted by yellowfloyd View Post
Basically, yes. I think itís all about the underlying company rather than price. I believe what Iím buying/selling is tangible.
Hi yellowfloyd,
If you can make this work for you - good on you. However, it flies in the face of conventional T2W wisdom on a number of fronts. That's not necessarily cause for concern, indeed, some might say it's a good thing!

Firstly, earnings for the forthcoming quarter can be calculated using fundamental data which, obviously, is what analysts do to come up with their buy and sell recommendations. Sure, there are surprises, but these tend to be in the form of how much a company underperforms or outperforms the consensus view - as opposed to whether or not it makes a profit or loss.

Secondly, very few companies can withstand the prevailing sector performance and general market sentiment. So, a very strong company with great cash flow, no debt and a full order book can be held back or, even, dragged down by a sector that's struggling. Conversely, a weak company can be artificially buoyed up by a very bullish market that's rising sharply because of geo-political events that have nothing to do with the individual company itself.

On this basis, most T2W members would argue that fundamental analysis is a poor gauge of short term stock price movement. Like I say, if it works for you - then great. Perhaps you'd care to start a thread in the Stocks forum to expand upon your ideas and how you use them to make your trades?
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The style of trading employed, financial resources, location and what time of day a person trades (or wants to trade), can all play a role in which markets will be best suited to the individual. Since some of these markets may not be familiar we will look at two common trader groups and how they could implement the use of other markets to improve their trading. It is important to be aware of such alternatives, as they may provide for some fine tuning which can result in better results over the long run.
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This was written originally in April 2008...I miss those magical days...of the 2008 and 2009 crazy market crash. Everyday would seem like it would have wild swings.
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Originally Posted by timsk View Post
Hi yellowfloyd,
Reading between the lines of your post, the inference is that if you think a company will make a profit over the next quarter, go long the stock and, if you think it's going to make a loss, then you either step aside or short the stock. Is this correct - did you really mean to infer that?
totally agree .......but its all about the catalyst / event that reveals this potential to the rest of the market and elevates / dumps the price accordingly

that's the secret ........being just ahead of the crowd

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Focusing on one or two is one thing every novice trader should do. Hands down.
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One should trade, I think, whatever they are comfortable with trading the most. It really depends on the person and their preferences and habits, so I don't think one is better than the other.
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I like trading futures because I can go short just as easy as long. and I get plenty of mojo leverage. So when I put on a trade I go for the big bucks. win or lose. big bucks.

too boring to trade for small change. to me everything less than thousands of dollars is small change and not counted. at least in trading.

I think maybe I need a shrink to straighten out my brain. there seems to be a mistake in the way my brain functions.
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