How Do I get a Job Trading?

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You really have to know some one to get a job as a trader. If it is something you end up doing, be prepared to handle a lot of stress, especially if you are carrying inventory over night.
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forex traders can be totaly independent. Why work for other if you good and work for you nd people around you
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Same doubt as fxzarada, the idea to start with a trading firm to get experienced is good, but if you are in a different career and manage to get the required knowledge and experience on your own to be profitable, why would you want to work for a firm instead?
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Originally Posted by T2W Bot View Post

Get four things:

1. Get passionate
Love the markets. Learn everything you can about them and develop a heartfelt passion for them.

2. Get educated
This is particularly important if you want to get a job with the likes of Goldman Sachs. A first class honors degree in the right subject(s) from a top flight university is no longer desirable - it's essential. If your student days are behind you, consider an Open University course.

3. Get experience
Donít worry if you donít have a large account, thatís unimportant. Spread betting at £0.10p a point is far better than no experience at all. Demonstrating that you understand how the markets function and have developed a methodology to trade them is what counts.

4. Get profitable
Providing a verifiable track record of consistent profitability over a reasonable period of time will separate you from well over 90% of all other candidates. If you are in this enviable position, be sure to mention this first at the top of your CV. Itís almost more important than your name and contact details!

The Long Answer expands on these key points and offers suggestions based on the perspectives of three very different applicants, separated by age and experience. The Youngster is at school or starting unií and has decided that trading is where their future lies. The Career Changer is under 40 and wants to jump ship, while The Old Timer is in much the same boat but over 40.
and 5)

get real .......
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The career path to these jobs is less defined than for investment banking jobs, but most individuals should have an aptitude for math, an ability to react quickly to changing conditions, the fortitude to withstand market volatility and the ability to make quick decisions based upon incomplete information. Most successful traders are truly passionate about what they do and often spend their off hours studying the markets. If the previous profile sounds appealing, then a career in trading may be right for you.
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Hi guys, my first post here! Have been a long time fan and follower of the forum but looking to get some advice here

I have been trading forex on and off now for the last 3-4 years since leaving university (very little of what they taught me has been of much value trading!) and i'm now looking to generate a track record and break in to the industry.

Lots of useful advice in this thread so felt as though i sjhould introduce myself and say hello! thanks for making it such a useful place
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I've heard from a Citibank representative that if you manage to impress them with your results and portfolio, then you don't have to do much more to land a job with them.
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All my life I wanted a job trading. but never was able to get one.
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